Q: Use struct or not ?

Hi all:

I am new to DDS and I am currently designing an IDL for exchanging messages between applications. For defining complex data there is now the question of using structs or not, as shown here:

// PIB Network Participant

struct participant_t
string<36> id; //@key
unsigned long rtps_host_id;
unsigned long rtps_app_id;
unsigned long rtps_instance_id;
string application;
string hostname;
long process_id;
long thread_id;

Overhead incurred by setting a subscriber inactive --

Hi ,

I'm working on a project in which we have a pretty large number of topics. A high degree of these topics are being sent reliably and we are experiencing some performance issues on some of the processes responsible for handling these topics.

We are doing some adjustments on the QoS's for the topics specifically to improve performance, etc, but I'm a little fuzzy on what happens when a publisher times out the heartbeating for one of it's subscribers ( times out waiting for ACKNACKs, and over max retries...).


Sending reliable data takes much time in Java

Hi, I'm testing Connext DDS java version on Windows XP.

I calculated RTT(round trip time) of reliable message and founded that on initial RTT takes 1~2 sec (average takes 2 ms ) during 9 sec. 

Reliability QoS is set as reliable for the DataWriters & DataReaders, and also set the asynchronous publish mode with default flow controller.

Sender sends 1600bytes sized reliable data every 50ms and 8000bytes sized unreliable data every 10ms.

I guessed that data sending parts take much time at some interval.(See the attached file.)


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