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RTI DDS Masterclass (2 days 110 slides)

A two day (10 hour, 110 slides) masterclass covering the DDS programming model, quality of service, and associated tools and components (persistence, recording, database integration, web integration).

The second day includes several hypothetical DDS "design challenges" and exercises.

OMG Data Distribution Service: Architectural Overview

The OMG Data Distribution Service (DDS) is an emerging specification for publish-subscribe data distribution systems. The purpose of the specification is to provide a common application-level interface that clearly defines the data distribution service. The specification describes the service using UML, thus providing a platform-independent model that can then be mapped into a variety of concrete platforms and programming languages.

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QoS-Aware Publish-Subscribe Service for Real-Time Data Acquisition

Abstract: Many complex distributed real-time applications need complicated processing and sharing of an extensive amount of data under critical timing constraints. In this paper, we present a comprehensive overview of the Data Distribution Service standard (DDS) and describe its QoS features for developing real-time applications. An overview of an active real-time database (ARTDB) named Agilor is also provided. For efficient expressing QoS policy in Agilor, a Real-time ECA (RECA) rule model is presented based on common ECA rule.

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