Measuring Performance with PerfTest Utility

This video guides users through architecting, building, and running tests with PerfTest, a free utility that measures throughput and latency when using RTI Connext DDS. 

This is module #26 of 27 in RTI Connext™ DDS Online Training, part of the RTI eLearning program. Watch other free modules in the RTI eLearning program.


Standardizing the Data Distribution Service (DDS) API for Modern C++

Technical presentation give at BoostCon describing the new standard C++ PSM for the OMG DDS specification.

The new C++ language API to DDS takes advantage of the C++ standard features to create a simpler, safer, more compact API. This presentation describes the main features of the API as well as some of the technical design decisions and challenges.



Lua with DDS: now available in the download section


You might have heard of Lua, a fast, embeddable, compact scripting language that’s starting to make waves in machine-to-machine (M2M) applications. RTI just released an experimental rapid prototyping tool for DDS systems that incorporates Lua. It’s available for Linux, MacOSX, Windows and Raspberry Pi, and comes with complete documentation.


RTI Community Newsletter

If you're a registered member of the RTI Community, you received our first RTI Community Newsletter on Wesnesday. The goal of our newsletter is to keep you up to date on what's happening in the RTI Community. It's completely developer/user focused (no sales pitches). I've included a pdf of the June 2013 Newsletter for you to check out. Please excuse the fact that it's a pdf of my email (header and all!). I wanted to preserve the links, and this was the easiest way to accomplish that. 


Spreadsheet Add-in and VBA

   In working with the Spreadsheet Add-in, I wanted to be able to capture a historical listing of data received during my application testing.   I would just like to setup filters for various topics and as payloads are received have it fill down the spreadsheet with data updates. 

    Unfortunately the way the Add-in works you have to subscribe to the updates are isolated to a specific cell which subscribes to it by formula


Want to intern at RTI?! Looking for a US Citizen to help on a government research project!


We are looking for a student knowledgeable in the ways of linux, and interested in
the cloud.  You need to be available immediately to help us implement a cloud
computing prototype using OpenStack.  

The student will have the opportunity to come and work at RTI for 4-6 weeks!!  

This is a PAID position - what more could you ask for?!  Well... this could also be
used to support your thesis work if it aligns.


Bienvenidos al desafio tecnologico!

RTI apoya el Desafio Tecnologico ETSII.  En esto foro se respondera a dudas y consultas relacionadas con el uso de RTI Connext DDS.  

Although it is not required we encourage you to post your question and answers in English such that they get the broadest attention. 


Data-Centric Programming Best Practices: Using DDS to Integrate Real-World Systems

This whitepaper describes the basic characteristics of real-world systems programming, how the DDS middleware technology can be used to integrate them, and a set of “best practices” guidelines that should be applied when using DDS to implement these systems.

Publication Year: 

RTI introduces the Research Community Portal

Would you like to use the RTI Technology for your Research or Work? Would you like to interact with other RTI users and share knowledge and ideas? Get this and more by joining the RTI Research and Educational Community!

Joining is easy! All you need to do is register a user name and a password following the register link on the left of your browser window.



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