Porting C++ code between vendors

I am trying to port some piece of code from OpenSplice to RTI and I have noticed that there are some modifications that I need to do to make it work. For example OpenSplice uses DomainParticipant_var type variable where RTI uses DomainParticipant* type variable. Is there any best practices or some other documentation that would show how to write as protable code as possible?


Using RTI DDS in Qt for Windows

I am developing a C++ windows application with Qt and I want to know if it's possible to use RTI DDS in Qt for windows.I have used RTI DDS in visual studio with no problem, but in Qt, it has some linker errors which I couldn't resolve by adding all the library files.

Has anybody used RTI DDS in C++ windows applications without Visual Studio?


Failure to compile helloworld_simple in C++


I'm new to RTI and I'm trying to run compile helloworld_simple (Hello-x64Win64VS2010.sln) in MS Visual Studio Express 2010.  I believe I have followed the instructions correctly in the Getting Started guide, to add the proper environment variables & path directories, etc.  When I attempt to "Build Solution" in MSVSE, I get the following errors:


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