RTI transport  Version 1.0ae [build 00]

Abstraction of a Transport-Plugin network interface. More...

Data Structures

struct  NDDS_Transport_Interface_t
 Storage for the description of a network interface used by a Transport Plugin. More...


enum  NDDS_Transport_Interface_Status_t {
 Interface status. More...


void NDDS_Transport_Interface_print (const NDDS_Transport_Interface_t *interface_in, const char *desc_in, RTI_INT32 indent_in)
 Prints the contents of an interface to standard out.

Detailed Description

Abstraction of a Transport-Plugin network interface.

A Transport-Plugin may be able to use several logical or physical network interfaces in a single node (machine). For example, there may be multiple NICs for IP networks or multiple serial ports for serial networks.

An instance of a Transport Plugin is a conduit to one or more network interfaces associated with the transport.

Instances of a Transport Plugin must assign a unique unicast address to each of the network interfaces that it can use to send and receive messages. The unicast address should be within the range of addresses that are addressible by the Transport Plugin (as defined by the plugin itself).

Then, when RTI Connext sends a message to an unicast destination address, the destination address will be made of two parts. The network address and an interface address. The network address portion will be used by RTI Connext to select the Transport-Plugin instance that will send the message. The interface address portion is passed to the Transport-Plugin instance as the destination interface to which the message should be sent.

See NDDSTransportModule_net_address for more information about network addresses and how Transport Plugins are installed and configured.

See Also
NDDS_Transport_Address_t NDDS_Transport_ClassId_t

Enumeration Type Documentation

Interface status.


The transport interface is OFF.


The transport interface is ON.

Function Documentation

void NDDS_Transport_Interface_print ( const NDDS_Transport_Interface_t interface_in,
const char *  desc_in,
RTI_INT32  indent_in 

Prints the contents of an interface to standard out.

interface_in<<in>> Interface to be printed.
desc_in<<in>> A prefix to be printed before the interface.
indent_in<<in>> Indentation level for the printout.

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