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A representative user-defined data type. More...

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Public Member Functions

Object copy_from (Object src)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Copyable
Object copy_from (Object src)
 Copy value of a data type from source.

Detailed Description

A representative user-defined data type.

Foo represents a user-defined data-type that is intended to be distributed using DDS.

The type Foo is usually defined using IDL syntax and placed in a ".idl" file that is then processed using rtiddsgen. The rtiddsgen utility generates the helper classes com.rti.dds.infrastructure.com.rti.dds.util.Sequence as well as the necessary code for DDS to manipulate the type (serialize it so that it can be sent over the network) as well as the implied com.rti.ndds.example.FooDataReader and com.rti.ndds.example.FooDataWriter types that allow the application to send and receive data of this type.

See Also
com.rti.dds.infrastructure.com.rti.dds.util.Sequence, com.rti.ndds.example.FooDataWriter, com.rti.ndds.example.FooDataReader, com.rti.ndds.example.FooTypeSupport, rtiddsgen

Member Function Documentation

Object copy_from ( Object  src)

This is the implementation of the Copyable interface. This method will perform a deep copy of src. This method could be placed into FooTypeSupport.

rather than here by using the -noCopyable option to rtiddsgen.

srcThe Object which contains the data to be copied.
Returns this
NullPointerExceptionIf src is null.
ClassCastExceptionIf src is not the same type as this.
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