RTI Connext Java API  Version 5.0.0
Request-Reply Pattern

Support for the request-reply communication pattern. More...


 com.rti.connext.requestreply.Requester<TReq,TRep> and associated elements
 com.rti.connext.requestreply.Replier<TReq,TRep>, com.rti.connext.requestreply.SimpleReplier<TReq,TRep> and associated elements

Detailed Description

Support for the request-reply communication pattern.

There are two basic entities that enable this pattern:

This functionality is built on top of RTI Connext.

A Requester publishes a request topic and subscribes to a reply topic. A Replier subscribes to the request topic and publishes the reply topic.

The Request-Reply communication pattern is only available with RTI Connext Messaging.

You can find more information about this pattern in the User's Manual (see Part 4).

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