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WriteSample< T > Interface Reference

A sample for writing data. More...

Inheritance diagram for WriteSample< T >:
SampleData< T > Copyable

Public Member Functions

WriteParams_t getInfo ()
 Gets the write parameters.
void setInfo (WriteParams_t info)
 Replaces the parameters with a new value.
void setData (T data)
 Sets the data to be written.
- Public Member Functions inherited from SampleData< T >
getData ()
 Gets the data this sample contains.
SampleIdentity_t getIdentity ()
 Gets the identity of this sample.
- Public Member Functions inherited from Copyable
Object copy_from (Object src)
 Copy value of a data type from source.

Detailed Description

A sample for writing data.

WriteSamples are value types containing data that can be sent and optional parameters that configure how the data is written.

Template Parameters
TThe data type that this sample contains

Member Function Documentation

WriteParams_t getInfo ( )

Gets the write parameters.

The parameters are input and output to write operations. They can be set to configure the write operation (e.g. setting a specific publication timestamp) or they can be looked up afterward (e.g. what was the actual timestamp the sample was written with).

See Also
com.rti.connext.requestreply.Replier<TReq,TRep>.sendReply(WriteSample<TRep>, SampleIdentity_t)
void setInfo ( WriteParams_t  info)

Replaces the parameters with a new value.

void setData ( data)

Sets the data to be written.

Replaces the current data with a new element.

dataThe new data

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