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TopicListener Interface Reference

<<interface>> com.rti.dds.infrastructure.Listener for com.rti.dds.topic.Topic entities. More...

Inheritance diagram for TopicListener:
Listener DomainParticipantListener TopicAdapter DomainParticipantAdapter

Public Member Functions

void on_inconsistent_topic (Topic topic, InconsistentTopicStatus status)
 Handle the com.rti.dds.infrastructure.StatusKind.StatusKind.INCONSISTENT_TOPIC_STATUS status.

Detailed Description

<<interface>> com.rti.dds.infrastructure.Listener for com.rti.dds.topic.Topic entities.

com.rti.dds.infrastructure.StatusKind.StatusKind.INCONSISTENT_TOPIC_STATUS, com.rti.dds.topic.InconsistentTopicStatus

This is the interface that can be implemented by an application-provided class and then registered with the com.rti.dds.topic.Topic such that the application can be notified by RTI Connext of relevant status changes.

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Member Function Documentation

void on_inconsistent_topic ( Topic  topic,
InconsistentTopicStatus  status 

Handle the com.rti.dds.infrastructure.StatusKind.StatusKind.INCONSISTENT_TOPIC_STATUS status.

This callback is called when a remote com.rti.dds.topic.Topic is discovered but is inconsistent with the locally created com.rti.dds.topic.Topic of the same topic name.

topic<<out>> Locally created com.rti.dds.topic.Topic that triggers the listener callback
status<<out>> Current inconsistent status of locally created com.rti.dds.topic.Topic

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