RTI Connext C API  Version 5.1.0
Built-in Topics

Built-in objects created by RTI Connext but accessible to the application. More...


 Participant Built-in Topics
 Builtin topic for accessing information about the DomainParticipants discovered by RTI Connext.
 Topic Built-in Topics
 Builtin topic for accessing information about the Topics discovered by RTI Connext.
 Publication Built-in Topics
 Builtin topic for accessing information about the Publications discovered by RTI Connext.
 Subscription Built-in Topics
 Builtin topic for accessing information about the Subscriptions discovered by RTI Connext.
 Common types and functions
 Types and functions related to the built-in topics.

Detailed Description

Built-in objects created by RTI Connext but accessible to the application.

RTI Connext must discover and keep track of the remote entities, such as new participants in the domain. This information may also be important to the application, which may want to react to this discovery, or else access it on demand.

A set of built-in topics and corresponding DDS_DataReader objects are introduced to be used by the application to access these discovery information.

The information can be accessed as if it was normal application data. This allows the application to know when there are any changes in those values by means of the DDS_Listener or the DDS_Condition mechanisms.

The built-in data-readers all belong to a built-in DDS_Subscriber, which can be retrieved by using the function DDS_DomainParticipant_get_builtin_subscriber. The built-in DDS_DataReader objects can be retrieved by using the operation DDS_Subscriber_lookup_datareader, with the topic name as a parameter.

Built-in entities have default listener settings as well. The built-in DDS_Subscriber and all of its built-in topics have 'nil' listeners with all statuses appearing in their listener masks (acting as a NO-OP listener that does not reset communication status). The built-in DataReaders have null listeners with no statuses in their masks.

The information that is accessible about the remote entities by means of the built-in topics includes all the QoS policies that apply to the corresponding remote Entity. This QoS policies appear as normal 'data' fields inside the data read by means of the built-in Topic. Additional information is provided to identify the Entity and facilitate the application logic.

The built-in DDS_DataReader will not provide data pertaining to entities created from the same DDS_DomainParticipant under the assumption that such entities are already known to the application that created them.

Refer to DDS_ParticipantBuiltinTopicData, DDS_TopicBuiltinTopicData, DDS_SubscriptionBuiltinTopicData and DDS_PublicationBuiltinTopicData for a description of all the built-in topics and their contents.

The QoS of the built-in DDS_Subscriber and DDS_DataReader objects is given by the following table:

QoS of built-in DDS_Subscriber and DDS_DataReader
QoS Value
DDS_UserDataQosPolicy 0-length sequence
DDS_TopicDataQosPolicy 0-length sequence
DDS_GroupDataQosPolicy 0-length sequence
DDS_DurabilityServiceQosPolicy Does not apply as DDS_DurabilityQosPolicyKind is DDS_TRANSIENT_LOCAL_DURABILITY_QOS
DDS_PresentationQosPolicy access_scope = DDS_TOPIC_PRESENTATION_QOS coherent_access = DDS_BOOLEAN_FALSE ordered_access = DDS_BOOLEAN_FALSE
DDS_DeadlineQosPolicy Period = infinite
DDS_LatencyBudgetQosPolicy duration = 0
DDS_OwnershipStrengthQosPolicy value = 0
DDS_LivelinessQosPolicy kind = DDS_AUTOMATIC_LIVELINESS_QOS lease_duration = 0
DDS_TimeBasedFilterQosPolicy minimum_separation = 0
DDS_PartitionQosPolicy 0-length sequence
DDS_ReliabilityQosPolicy kind = DDS_RELIABLE_RELIABILITY_QOS max_blocking_time = 100 milliseconds
DDS_HistoryQosPolicy kind = DDS_KEEP_LAST_HISTORY_QOS depth = 1
DDS_ResourceLimitsQosPolicy max_samples = DDS_LENGTH_UNLIMITED max_instances = DDS_LENGTH_UNLIMITED max_samples_per_instance = DDS_LENGTH_UNLIMITED
DDS_ReaderDataLifecycleQosPolicy autopurge_nowriter_samples_delay = infinite autopurge_disposed_samples_delay = infinite

autoenable_created_entities = DDS_BOOLEAN_TRUE

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