RTI Connext C API  Version 5.1.0
Return Codes

Types of return codes. More...


enum  DDS_ReturnCode_t {
 Type for return codes. More...

Detailed Description

Types of return codes.

Standard Return Codes

Any operation with return type DDS_ReturnCode_t may return DDS_RETCODE_OK DDS_RETCODE_ERROR or DDS_RETCODE_ILLEGAL_OPERATION. Any operation that takes one or more input parameters may additionally return DDS_RETCODE_BAD_PARAMETER. Any operation on an object created from any of the factories may additionally return DDS_RETCODE_ALREADY_DELETED. Any operation that is stated as optional may additionally return DDS_RETCODE_UNSUPPORTED.

Thus, the standard return codes are:

Operations that may return any of the additional return codes will state so explicitly.

Enumeration Type Documentation

Type for return codes.

Errors are modeled as operation return codes of this type.


Successful return.


Generic, unspecified error.


Unsupported operation. Can only returned by operations that are unsupported.


Illegal parameter value.

The value of the parameter that is passed in has llegal value. Things that falls into this category includes NULL parameters and parameter values that are out of range.


A pre-condition for the operation was not met.

The system is not in the expected state when the function is called, or the parameter itself is not in the expected state when the function is called.


RTI Connext ran out of the resources needed to complete the operation.


Operation invoked on a DDS_Entity that is not yet enabled.


Application attempted to modify an immutable QoS policy.


Application specified a set of QoS policies that are not consistent with each other.


The object target of this operation has already been deleted.


The operation timed out.


Indicates a transient situation where the operation did not return any data but there is no inherent error.


The operation was called under improper circumstances.

An operation was invoked on an inappropriate object or at an inappropriate time. This return code is similar to DDS_RETCODE_PRECONDITION_NOT_MET, except that there is no precondition that could be changed to make the operation succeed.

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