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KeyedString Class Reference

Keyed string built-in type. More...

Inheritance diagram for KeyedString:

Public Member Functions

 KeyedString ()
 Default Constructor.
 KeyedString (String key, String value)
 KeyedString (KeyedString src)
 Copy constructor.
- Public Member Functions inherited from Copyable
Object copy_from (Object src)
 Copy value of a data type from source.

Public Attributes

String key
 Instance key associated with the specified value.
String value
 String value.

Detailed Description

Keyed string built-in type.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Default Constructor.

The default constructor initializes the newly created object with empty key and value.

KeyedString ( String  key,
String  value 

Creates a KeyedString with a key and a value

Copy constructor.

src<<in>> Object to copy from.
NullPointerExceptionif src is null.

Member Data Documentation

String key

Instance key associated with the specified value.

String value

String value.

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