RTI Connext Java API  Version 5.1.0
User Data Type Support

Defines generic classes and macros to support user data types. More...


class  Foo
 A representative user-defined data type. More...
class  FooTypeSupport
 <<interface>> <<generic>> User data type specific interface. More...
class  InstanceHandle_t
 Type definition for an instance handle. More...
class  InstanceHandleSeq
 Instantiates com.rti.dds.infrastructure.com.rti.dds.util.Sequence < com.rti.dds.infrastructure.InstanceHandle_t > . More...
interface  TypeSupport
 <<interface>> An abstract marker interface that has to be specialized for each concrete user data type that will be used by the application. More...

Detailed Description

Defines generic classes and macros to support user data types.

DDS specifies strongly typed interfaces to read and write user data. For each data class defined by the application, there is a number of specialised classes that are required to facilitate the type-safe interaction of the application with RTI Connext.

RTI Connext provides an automatic means to generate all these type-specific classes with the rtiddsgen utility. The complete set of automatic classes created for a hypothetical user data type named Foo are shown below.

Classes auto-created for an application data type named Foo

The macros defined here declare the strongly typed APIs needed to support an arbitrary user defined data of type Foo.

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