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connext::Replier< TReq, TRep > Member List

This is the complete list of members for connext::Replier< TReq, TRep >, including all inherited members.

get_reply_datawriter() const connext::Replier< TReq, TRep >inline
get_request_datareader() const connext::Replier< TReq, TRep >inline
read_request(connext::Sample< TReq > &request)connext::Replier< TReq, TRep >
read_request(connext::SampleRef< TReq > request)connext::Replier< TReq, TRep >
read_requests(int max_samples=DDS_LENGTH_UNLIMITED)connext::Replier< TReq, TRep >
receive_request(connext::Sample< TReq > &request, const DDS_Duration_t &max_wait)connext::Replier< TReq, TRep >
receive_request(connext::SampleRef< TReq > request, const DDS_Duration_t &max_wait)connext::Replier< TReq, TRep >
receive_requests(const DDS_Duration_t &max_wait)connext::Replier< TReq, TRep >
receive_requests(int min_request_count, int max_request_count, const DDS_Duration_t &max_wait)connext::Replier< TReq, TRep >
Replier(DDSDomainParticipant *participant, const std::string &service_name)connext::Replier< TReq, TRep >
Replier(const ReplierParams< TReq, TRep > &params)connext::Replier< TReq, TRep >explicit
Reply typedefconnext::Replier< TReq, TRep >
ReplyDataWriter typedefconnext::Replier< TReq, TRep >
Request typedefconnext::Replier< TReq, TRep >
RequestDataReader typedefconnext::Replier< TReq, TRep >
send_reply(const URep &reply, const SampleIdentity_t &related_request_id)connext::Replier< TReq, TRep >
send_reply(WriteSample< URep > &reply, const SampleIdentity_t &related_request_id)connext::Replier< TReq, TRep >
send_reply(WriteSampleRef< URep > &reply, const SampleIdentity_t &related_request_id)connext::Replier< TReq, TRep >
take_request(connext::Sample< TReq > &request)connext::Replier< TReq, TRep >
take_request(connext::SampleRef< TReq > request)connext::Replier< TReq, TRep >
take_requests(int max_samples=DDS_LENGTH_UNLIMITED)connext::Replier< TReq, TRep >
wait_for_requests(const DDS_Duration_t &max_wait)connext::Replier< TReq, TRep >
wait_for_requests(int min_count, const DDS_Duration_t &max_wait)connext::Replier< TReq, TRep >
~Replier()connext::Replier< TReq, TRep >virtual

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