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FooSeq Member List

This is the complete list of members for FooSeq, including all inherited members.

copy_no_alloc(const struct FooSeq &src_seq)FooSeq
ensure_length(DDS_Long length, DDS_Long max)FooSeq
FooSeq(DDS_Long new_max=0)FooSeq
FooSeq(const struct FooSeq &foo_seq)FooSeq
from_array(const Foo array[], DDS_Long length)FooSeq
get_contiguous_buffer() const FooSeq
get_discontiguous_buffer() const FooSeq
length() const FooSeq
length(DDS_Long new_length)FooSeq
loan_contiguous(Foo *buffer, DDS_Long new_length, DDS_Long new_max)FooSeq
loan_discontiguous(Foo **buffer, DDS_Long new_length, DDS_Long new_max)FooSeq
maximum() const FooSeq
maximum(DDS_Long new_max)FooSeq
operator=(const struct FooSeq &src_seq)FooSeq
operator[](DDS_Long i)FooSeq
operator[](DDS_Long i) const FooSeq
to_array(Foo array[], DDS_Long length)FooSeq

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