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Configuring the TCP Transport

TCP Transport is distributed as a both shared and static library in <NDDSHOME>/lib/<architecture>. The library is called nddstransporttcp.

Mechanisms for Configuring the Transport:

By explicitly instantiating a new transport (see Explicitly Instantiating the TCP Transport Plugin) and then registering it with the DomainParticipant (see Installing Additional Builtin Transport Plugins with register_transport()). (Not available in the Java and .NET APIs.)

Through the Property QoS policy of the DomainParticipant (on UNIX, Solaris and Windows systems only). This process is described in Configuring the TCP Transport with the Property QosPolicy.

This section describes:

Choosing a Transport Mode

Explicitly Instantiating the TCP Transport Plugin

Configuring the TCP Transport with the Property QosPolicy

Setting the Initial Peers

Support for External Hardware Load Balancers in TCP Transport Plugin

TCP/TLS Transport Properties

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