Other DomainParticipant Operations

Verifying Entity Containment

If you have a handle to an Entity, and want to see if that Entity was created from your DomainParticipant (or any of its Publishers or Subscribers), use the contains_entity() operation, which returns a boolean.

An Entity’s instance handle may be obtained from built-in topic data (see Built-In Topics), various statuses, or from the get_instance_handle() operation (see Getting an Entity’s Instance Handle).

Getting the Current Time

The get_current_time() operation returns the current time value from the same time-source (clock) that Connext DDS uses to timestamp the data published by DataWriters (source_timestamp of the SampleInfo structure, see The SampleInfo Structure). The time-sources used by Connext DDS do not have to be synchronized nor are they synchronized by Connext DDS.

See also: Clock Selection.

Getting All Publishers and Subscribers

The get_publishers() and get_subscribers() operations will provide you with a list of the DomainParticipant’s Publishers and Subscribers, respectively.

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