This section describes the different statuses that exist for an entity. A status represents a state or an event regarding the entity. For instance, maybe Connext DDS found a matching DataReader for a DataWriter, or new data has arrived for a DataReader.

Your application can retrieve an Entity’s status by:

If you want your application to be notified of status changes asynchronously: create and install a Listener for the Entity. Then internal Connext DDS threads will call the listener methods when the status changes. See Listeners.

If you want your application to wait for status changes: set up StatusConditions to indicate the statuses of interest, attach the StatusConditions to a WaitSet, and then call the WaitSet’s wait() operation. The call to wait() will block until statuses in the attached Conditions changes (or until a timeout period expires). See Conditions and WaitSets.

This section includes the following:

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