Turbo Mode and Automatic Throttling for DataWriter Performance—Experimental Features

This section describes two experimental features. The DataWriter has many QoS settings that can affect the latency and throughput of outgoing data. There are QoS settings to control send window size (see Understanding the Send Queue and Setting its Size) and settings that allow to aggregate multiple DDS samples together to reduce CPU and bandwidth utilization (see BATCH QosPolicy (DDS Extension) and FlowControllers (DDS Extension)). The choice of settings that provide the best performance depends on several factors, such as the frequency of writing data, the size of the data, or the condition of the network. If these factors do not change over time, you can choose values for those QoS settings that best suit your system. If these factors do change over time in your system, you can use the following properties to let Connext DDS automatically adjust the QoS settings as system conditions change:

The Built-in QoS profile BuiltinQosLibExp::Generic.AutoTuning enables both Turbo Mode and Auto Throttling.

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