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rti::request::ReplierListener< RequestType, ReplyType > Class Template Referenceabstract

Called when a Replier has new available requests. More...

#include <rti/request/ReplierListener.hpp>

Inherited by rti::request::SimpleReplier< RequestType, ReplyType >::DummyReplierListener.

Public Member Functions

virtual void on_request_available (Replier< RequestType, ReplyType > &replier)=0
 User callback.

Detailed Description

template<typename RequestType, typename ReplyType>
class rti::request::ReplierListener< RequestType, ReplyType >

Called when a Replier has new available requests.

A replier listener is a way to implement a callback that will be invoked when requests are available.

This listener simply notifies when requests are available. The callback implementation can then use rti::request::Replier::take_requests to retrieve them.

A simpler callback mechanism, where one request sample is a parameter and the reply is the callback return value, is implemented by the SimpleReplier.

See Also
rti::request::Replier::Replier(const ReplierParams&)

Member Function Documentation

template<typename RequestType , typename ReplyType >
virtual void rti::request::ReplierListener< RequestType, ReplyType >::on_request_available ( Replier< RequestType, ReplyType > &  replier)
pure virtual

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