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dds::core::policy Namespace Reference

Contains the standard Qos policy classes. More...


struct  OwnershipKind_def
 The definition of the dds::core::safe_enum OwnershipKind. More...
struct  DurabilityKind_def
 The definition of the dds::core::safe_enum DurabilityKind. More...
struct  PresentationAccessScopeKind_def
 The definition of the dds::core::safe_enum PresentationAccessScopeKind. More...
struct  ReliabilityKind_def
 The definition of the dds::core::safe_enum ReliabilityKind. More...
struct  DestinationOrderKind_def
 The definition of the dds::core::safe_enum DestinationOrderKind. More...
struct  HistoryKind_def
 The definition of the dds::core::safe_enum HistoryKind. More...
struct  LivelinessKind_def
 The definition of the dds::core::safe_enum LivelinessKind. More...
struct  TypeConsistencyEnforcementKind_def
 The definition of the dds::core::safe_enum TypeConsistencyEnforcementKind. More...
class  policy_id
 Obtains the policy ID. More...
class  policy_name
 Obtains the policy name. More...
class  UserData
 Attaches a buffer of opaque data that is distributed by Built-in Topics during discovery. More...
class  Durability
 Specifies whether a dds::pub::DataWriter will store and deliver previously published data samples to late-joining dds::sub::DataReader entities. More...
class  Presentation
 Specifies how the samples representing changes to data instances are presented to a subscribing application. More...
class  Deadline
 Expresses the maximum duration (deadline) within which an instance is expected to be updated. More...
class  LatencyBudget
 Provides a hint as to the maximum acceptable delay from the time the data is written to the time it is received by the subscribing applications. More...
class  Ownership
 Specifies whether it is allowed for multiple dds::pub::DataWriter's to write the same instance of the data and if so, how these modifications should be arbitrated. More...
class  OwnershipStrength
 Specifies the value of the strength used to arbitrate among multiple dds::pub::DataWriter objects that attempt to modify the same instance of a data type (identified by its dds::topic::Topic and key). More...
class  Liveliness
 Specifies and configures the mechanism that allows dds::sub::DataReader's to detect when dds::pub::DataWriter's become disconnected. More...
class  Partition
 Set of strings that introduces a logical partition among the topics visible by a dds::pub::Publisher and a dds::sub::Subscriber. More...
class  GroupData
class  TopicData
class  EntityFactory
 Configures a dds::core::Entity that acts as factory of other entities. More...
class  TransportPriority
 Allows applications to take advantage of transports capable of sending messages with different priorities. More...
class  Lifespan
 Specifies how long the data written by a dds::pub::DataWriter is considered valid. More...
class  TimeBasedFilter
 Allows a dds::sub::DataReader to indicate that it is not interested in all the sample updates that occur within a time period. More...
class  WriterDataLifecycle
 Controls how a dds::pub::DataWriter handles the lifecycle of the instances (keys) that it writes. More...
class  ReaderDataLifecycle
 Controls how a DataReader manages the lifecycle of the data that it has received. More...
class  Reliability
 Indicates the level of reliability in sample delivered that a dds::pub::DataWriter offers or a dds::sub::DataReader requests. More...
class  DestinationOrder
 Controls the logical order of updates to the same instance by a dds::pub::Publisher. More...
class  History
 Specifies how much historical data a dds::pub::DataWriter and a dds::sub::DataReader can store. More...
class  ResourceLimits
 Controls the memory usage of dds::pub::DataWriter or a dds::sub::DataReader. More...
class  DurabilityService
 Configures the external RTI Persistence Service used by persistent and transient DataWriters. More...
class  DataRepresentation
 Contains the data representations supported by entities. More...
class  TypeConsistencyEnforcement
 Defines the rules for determining whether the type used to publish a given topic is consistent with that used to subscribe to it. More...
class  DataTag
 Stores name-value (string) pairs that can be used to determine access permissions. More...
class  QosPolicyCount
 <<value-type>> Holds a counter for a QosPolicyId More...


typedef dds::core::safe_enum
< OwnershipKind_def
 Safe Enumeration of OwnershipKind_def
typedef dds::core::safe_enum
< DurabilityKind_def
 Safe Enumeration of DurabilityKind_def
typedef dds::core::safe_enum
< PresentationAccessScopeKind_def
 Safe Enumeration of PresentationAccessScopeKind_def
typedef dds::core::safe_enum
< ReliabilityKind_def
 Safe Enumeration of ReliabilityKind_def
typedef dds::core::safe_enum
< DestinationOrderKind_def
 Safe Enumeration of DestinationOrderKind_def
typedef dds::core::safe_enum
< HistoryKind_def
 Safe Enumeration of HistoryKind_def
typedef dds::core::safe_enum
< LivelinessKind_def
 Safe Enumeration of LivelinessKind_def
typedef dds::core::safe_enum
< TypeConsistencyEnforcementKind_def
 Safe Enumeration of TypeConsistencyEnforcementKind_def
typedef std::vector
< QosPolicyCount
 A vector of QosPolicyCount.
typedef int16_t DataRepresentationId
 The type of the elements that DataRepresentation contains.
typedef std::vector
< DataRepresentationId
 A vector of DataRepresentationId.
typedef uint32_t QosPolicyId
 Identifies a Qos policy.

Detailed Description

Contains the standard Qos policy classes.

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