6. XML Converter

Recording Service includes an application to convert a legacy XML configuration to the current XML configuration format when possible. It can convert a recording XML configuration, as well as a replay XML configuration.

6.1. Running the XML converter

XML Converter runs as a separate application. The script to run the executable is in <NDDSHOME>/bin. (See Section 1.3 for the path to NDDSHOME.)

rtixmlconverter record|replay [options]

If you are using features that are not available in Recording Service, you will see warnings such as:

Warning: Recording Service does not currently support 'verbosity' in
XML. However, you can specify -verbosity at the command-line.

6.2. XMLConverter Command-Line Parameters

The following table describes all the command-line parameters available for the XML Converter. To list the available parameters, run rtixmlconverter -help.

Table 6.1 XML Converter Application Command-Line Parameters




Required. Which application’s configuration file to convert.


Required. The legacy configuration file to be converted.


Required. The name of the generated configuration file.


Shows help for the command.


Prints the program version and exits.