14.5.4. What’s fixed in 6.1.0 XML validation failed if allow/deny filter names in AutoRoutes contained whitespaces or new lines

Routing Service failed to validate the XML configuration if any of these tags in AutoRoutes contained whitespaces or new lines:

  • <allow_topic_name_filter>

  • <allow_type_name_filter>

  • <deny_topic_name_filter>

  • <deny_type_name_filter>

For example:

     A Topic, B Topic,
     Other Topic

This problem has been resolved. Now allow/deny filters can include whitespaces and new-line characters.

[RTI Issue ID ROUTING-617] Routing Service crashed if monitoring participant creation failed

Routing Service may have crashed during initialization if the monitoring participant creation failed. This problem has been resolved.

[RTI Issue ID ROUTING-666] Possible segmentation fault after failure to create Adapter Session, StreamReader, or StreamWriter

If there was a failure creating an Adapter Session, StreamReader, or StreamWriter, this may have resulted in a segmentation fault. This behavior was timing dependent and only occurred if multiple Sessions were defined within a DomainRoute. This problem has been resolved.

[RTI Issue ID ROUTING-679] Assertion failed while reading data from an Input on Windows platform

A Processor running in debug mode caused an assertion failure when reading data from an input on Windows platforms. This problem has been resolved.

[RTI Issue ID ROUTING-687] -convertLegacyXml option failed on Windows systems if no output path specified

The -convertLegacyXml option failed on Windows systems if an output path was not specified. This problem has been resolved.

[RTI Issue ID ROUTING-710] Report of aggregated monitoring statistics contained invalid data

The monitoring metrics that Routing Service computes and reports may have contained invalid and incoherent values for statistics that were represented as aggregations of other variables (e.g., throughput for a Session). This report of invalid values was caused by a very rare race condition. This problem has been resolved.

[RTI Issue ID ROUTING-716] Error re-enabling a route that was updated while disabled

A Route that contained at least one input or output with no QoS tag could not be disabled and re-enabled with remote administration. This problem has been resolved.

[RTI Issue ID ROUTING-725] rtirssh crashed if load command was sent

The Routing Service remote shell, rtirssh crashed if a load command was sent. This problem has been resolved.

[RTI Issue ID ROUTING-773] Unexpected “DDS_SqlTypeSupport_deserialize_Union:!deserializing union type” exception

Routing Service may have generated the following exception when sending or receiving samples:

DDS_SqlTypeSupport_deserialize_Union:!deserializing union type

This condition only occurred in routes with a type containing unions, and only when <memory_management>/<sample_buffer_min_size> was finite (not LENGTH_UNLIMITED).

In addition, any of these conditions had to be true:

  • <content_filter> was configured.

  • The route’s DataWriter QoS was configured to enable TopicQueries.

  • The route’s DataWriter(s) matched with a DataReader created on a ContentFilteredTopic.

This problem has been fixed.

[RTI Issue ID ROUTING-781] Crash when publishing a stream with different type names and using auto-route with monitoring

Using an auto_route with monitoring enabled lead to a crash if you published data on the same stream name (topic for DDS domains) with multiple type name definitions.

In general, it is not advised to have multiple type definitions for the same stream when dealing with auto_routes, since that can lead to creation of routes with mismatched streams discovered on the input and output side. This problem has been resolved and the crash will no longer occur.

[RTI Issue ID ROUTING-798] Segmentation fault when attempting to enable a session with a disabled parent domain route

Routing Service terminated with a segmentation fault if you attempted to remotely enable a disabled Session that also had a disabled parent Domain Route. This issue has been resolved.

[RTI Issue ID ROUTING-789] QoS Profiles in NDDS_QOS_PROFILES.xml were not loaded

In previous releases, the file NDDS_QOS_PROFILES.xml was not loaded, due to an incorrect path in the code.

This problem has been resolved. Now if this file exists, it will be properly loaded and you can refer to the file’s QoSs or QoS Profiles in your Routing Service XML configuration.

[RTI Issue ID ROUTING-811] Unnecessary network bandwidth for participant announcements generated by Routing Service

In previous releases, the DomainParticipant created by Routing Service generated RTPS DATA(P) messages larger than necessary due to the addition of a property called dds.content_filter.sql.deserialized_sample.min_buffer_size.

This issue has been fixed and the DATA(P) messages no longer contain this property.

[RTI Issue ID ROUTING-813]