3.1. General Compatibility 6.1.1

This section describes issues that may affect backward compatibility in the Connext suite in release 6.1.1.

See also Product-Specific Compatibility 6.1.1 for specific issues. For information about the RTPS versions supported for each Connext release, see Section

3.1.1. Potential -fPIC flag issue when using static libraries in Linux and QNX if upgrading from 6.1.0

In 6.1.0, RTI no longer built Linux or QNX static libraries with the -fPIC flag (whereas previously RTI did build with this flag). Therefore, in 6.1.0, you could no longer link Linux or QNX static libraries with object files built with the -fPIC flag.

Updating to 6.1.1 fixes this problem, because RTI builds Linux and QNX static libraries with the -fPIC flag again in 6.1.1. Therefore:

  • If you are upgrading to 6.1.1 from a release before 6.1.0, you do not need to do anything.

  • If you are upgrading from 6.1.0 to 6.1.1 and you used Linux or QNX static libraries, you may need to change the way you build object files to use the -fPIC flag if you aren’t using the -fPIC flag already.