9.4.1. What’s New in 7.0.0 Access to builtin topics through REST API

Now you can access publication, subscription, and participant builtin topics’ data through a REST API. It is no longer necessary to create a separate DDS application in order to retrieve discovery information and send it to Web Integration Service through different user-created topics. Logging for on_publication_matched/on_subscription_matched and on_liveliness_lost/on_liveliness_changed

By enabling verbosity level 5 in Web Integration Service, you can see in the console when a publication or subscription has been matched, and when liveliness has been lost or changed. Removed static linking against OpenSSL

Previously the Web Integration Service executable statically linked the OpenSSL libraries for Access Control support. This dependency has been removed. Changes to Floating point values in Complex Example to avoid inconsistencies

The floating point numbers in the Complex Example have been replaced with numbers that can be represented without any issues. Previously, some of the numbers in the example did not have an exact floating point representation, which could cause confusion. CivetWeb libraries separated from Web Integration Service executable

The CivetWeb libraries have been separated from Web Integration Service. These external third-party libraries, libcivetweb and libcivetweb-cpp, are now dynamically linked by the Web Integration Service executable. Third-party software upgrades

The following third-party software used by Web Integration Service has been upgraded:

Table 9.2 Third-Party Software Changes

Third-Party Software

Previous Version

Current Version




For information on third-party software used by Connext products, see the “3rdPartySoftware” documents in your installation: <NDDSHOME>/doc/manuals/connext_dds_professional/release_notes_3rdparty.