RTI Connext Modern C++ API Version 7.2.0
Built-in Transport Plugins

Transport plugins delivered with RTI Connext. More...


 UDP Transport Plugin definitions
 UDP Transport Plugin definitions.
 Shared Memory Transport
 Built-in transport plug-in for inter-process communications using shared memory.
 UDPv4 Transport
 Transport plug-in using UDP/IPv4.
 Real-Time WAN Transport
 Transport plug-in using UDP/IPv4 for WAN communications..
 UDPv6 Transport
 Transport plug-in using UDP/IPv6.

Detailed Description

Transport plugins delivered with RTI Connext.

The TRANSPORT_BUILTIN specifies the collection of transport plugins that can be automatically configured and managed by RTI Connext as a convenience to the user.

These transport plugins can simply be turned "on" or "off" by a specifying a bitmask in rti::core::policy::TransportBuiltin, thus bypassing the steps for setting up a transport plugin. RTI Connext preconfigures the transport plugin properties, the network address, and the aliases to "factory defined" values.

If a builtin transport plugin is turned "on" in rti::core::policy::TransportBuiltin, the plugin is implicitly created and registered to the corresponding dds::domain::DomainParticipant by RTI Connext when:

whichever happens first.

Each builtin transport contains its own set of properties. For example, the UDPv4Transport allows the application to specify whether or not multicast is supported, the maximum size of the message, and provides a mechanism for the application to filter out network interfaces.

The builtin transport plugin properties can be changed by the method Transport_Support::set_builtin_transport_property() or by using the PROPERTY QoS policy associated with the dds::domain::DomainParticipant. Builtin transport plugin properties specified in rti::core::policy::Property always overwrite the ones specified through Transport_Support::set_builtin_transport_property(). Refer to the specific builtin transport for the list of property names that can be specified through PROPERTY QoS policy.

Any changes to the builtin transport properties after the builtin transports have been registered with will have no effect.

See also
Transport_Support::set_builtin_transport_property() rti::core::policy::Property