RTI Connext Modern C++ API Version 7.2.0

RTI Monitoring Library 2.0.

RTI Monitoring Library 2.0.

RTI Monitoring Library 2.0 is one component of the RTI Connext Observability Framework which allows collecting and distributing telemetry data (metrics and logs) associated with the observable resources created by an RTI Connext application.

In this release, the only Observable resources are the following entities: dds::pub::DataWriter, dds::sub::DataReader, dds::pub::Publisher, dds::sub::Subscriber, dds::domain::DomainParticipant, dds::topic::Topic and Application (a process running RTI Connext).

The library also accepts remote commands to change the set of distributed telemetry data at run-time.

The data distributed by RTI Monitoring Library 2.0 is sent to an RTI Observability Collector Service instance, which forwards the data to other RTI Observability Collector Service instances or stores the data in third-party observability backends such as Prometheus or Grafana Loki.

RTI Monitoring Library 2.0 is a separate library (rtimonitoring2), and applications can use it in three different modes:

The last two modes require calling the API Monitoring::RTI_Monitoring_initialize in your application before any other RTI Connext APIs.

Dynamic and static linking are only supported in C and C++ applications.

To enable use of RTI Monitoring Library 2.0 and configure its behavior, use the rti::core::policy::Monitoring QoS policy on the DomainParticipantFactory. This QoS policy can be configured programmatically or via XML.