About This Document

Paths Mentioned in Documentation

This documentation refers to the following directories, depending on your operating system:

  • $NDDSHOME This refers to the installation directory for Connext.

    The default installation paths are:

    • Non-root user:

      /home/<your user name>/rti_connext_dds-<version>

    • Root user:


    $NDDSHOME is an environment variable set to the installation path.

  • <path to examples> By default, examples are copied into your home directory the first time you run RTI Launcher or any script in $NDDSHOME/bin. This document refers to the location of the copied examples as <path to examples>.

    Wherever you see <path to examples>, replace it with the appropriate path.

    Default path to the examples:

    /home/<your user name>/rti_workspace/<version>/examples

Sometimes this documentation uses <NDDSHOME> to refer to the installation path. Whenever you see <NDDSHOME> used in a path, replace it with $NDDSHOME for Linux or macOS, with %NDDSHOME% for Windows, or with your installation path.

Extensions to the DDS Standard

Security Plugins implement the builtin plugins defined by the OMG DDS Security 1.2 specification (pending publication). It also includes features that are extensions to this specification. These include additional security artifacts, support for OpenSSL providers, integration with RTI Admin Console, RTI Persistence Service, etc.