RTI Routing Service  Version 6.0.0
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Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
oCRTI_RoutingServiceRTI Routing Service
oCRTI_RoutingServiceAdapterPluginAdapter plugin
oCRTI_RoutingServiceNameValueConfiguration property
oCRTI_RoutingServicePropertiesSet of configuration properties
oCRTI_RoutingServicePropertyConfiguration of RTI Routing Service
oCRTI_RoutingServiceStreamInfoStream information
oCRTI_RoutingServiceStreamReaderListenerStreamReader listener used to notify Routing Service that new data is available
oCRTI_RoutingServiceStringSeqDefinition of a String sequence
oCRTI_RoutingServiceTransformationPluginTransformation plugin
oCRTI_RoutingServiceTransportConfigAssociation between a transport alias and its create function pointer
oCRTI_RoutingServiceTypeInfoType information
\CRTI_RoutingServiceVersionRepresents the version of a plugin or RTI Routing Service itself

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