5.1. RTI Connext Micro Supported Platforms

RTI Connext Micro is a source product and all platforms supported by RTI are supported. However, RTI does not test and validate the libraries on all permutations of CPU types, compiler version and OS version.

5.1.1. Reference Platforms

The following are reference platforms for which the platform-dependent layers provided with the RTI Connext Micro product are tested as part of standard product release:

  • Windows®

  • Linux®

  • Unix™ (POSIX Compliant)

  • Wind River® VxWorks®

  • Express Logic® ThreadX®

  • FreeRTOS™

  • macOS® X (Darwin)

  • QNX® 6.6, 7

  • AUTOSAR® 4.0.3, 4.2.2

  • Deos™

5.1.2. Known Customer Platforms

RTI Connext Micro has been ported to a number of platforms by our customers, such as:

  • uC/OS™

  • uLinux

  • Win32

  • Android™

  • iOS®

  • TI’s Stellaris® Arm® Cortex®-M3 and -M4 with only TI device drivers, no OS

  • Baremetal - Arm Cortex-M4

  • INTEGRITY®-178

  • VxWorks 653 2.x, 3.x

  • DDC-I Deos™

  • LynxOS®-178

  • VOS™

RTI Connext Micro is known to run with the following network stacks: - BSD® socket-based stack - Windows Socket library - VxWorks Network stack - ThreadX Network stack - RTNet® - lwIP (event and blocking mode) - QNX Network stack - GHS IPFlite and general purpose stack