RTI Connext DDS Micro  Version 2.4.9
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RTI Connext DDS Micro provides buildable example applications, in the example/ directory of its host bundle. They include a basic HelloWorld application presented in a few different flavors, an RTPS-only emitter, and latency and throughput benchmarking applications.

Each example comes with instructions on how to build and run an application.

All examples are available in C, while the HelloWorld_dpde example is available in C++.

  • Helloworld_dpse. Shows how to use rtiddsgen to generate type-support code from a simple HelloWorld IDL-defined type. This examplecreates a publisher and subscriber, and uses dynamic participant, static endpoint discovery to establish communication.
  • HelloWorld_dpde. Same as the HelloWorld_dpse example, except it uses dynamic participant, dynamic endpoint discovery. This example is available in both C and C++.
  • HelloWorld_dpde_waitset. Same as the HelloWorld_dpde example, except it uses waitsets instead of listener callbacks to access received data.
  • HelloWorld_android. Example application using Android NDK.
  • HelloWorld_static_udp. Same as HelloWorld_dpde, except it uses static configuration of network interfaces.
  • RTPS. Example of an RTPS emitter that bypasses the DDS module and APIs to send RTPS discovery and user data.
  • Latency. Measures the end-to-end latency of RTI Connext DDS Micro.
  • Throughput. Measures the end-to-end throughput of RTI Connext DDS Micro

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