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RTI Connext DDS featured at National Instruments NIWeek 2013 Keynote

RTI Connext DDS used by LocalGrid to distribute LabVIEW to improve the efficiency of electricity distribution for Toronto Hydro. The largest municipal electricity distribution company in Canada.


Measuring Performance with PerfTest Utility

This video guides users through architecting, building, and running tests with PerfTest, a free utility that measures throughput and latency when using RTI Connext DDS. 

This is module #26 of 27 in RTI Connext™ DDS Online Training, part of the RTI eLearning program. Watch other free modules in the RTI eLearning program.


Standardizing the Data Distribution Service (DDS) API for Modern C++

Technical presentation give at BoostCon describing the new standard C++ PSM for the OMG DDS specification.

The new C++ language API to DDS takes advantage of the C++ standard features to create a simpler, safer, more compact API. This presentation describes the main features of the API as well as some of the technical design decisions and challenges.



RTI Routing Service for DDS

This demo shows RTI Routing Service in use. RTI Routing Service is a component of RTI Data Distribution Service Professional Edition, the world's leading implementation of the Object Management Group (OMG) Data Distribution Service for Real-Time Systems (DDS) standard. It provides a high-peformance messaging and integration infrastructure for real-time applications. RTI Routing Service extends DDS by providing a flexible solution for scaling DDS systems and for integrating disparate DDS applications.