DDS_KeyedString Struct Reference
[KeyedString Built-in Type]

Keyed string built-in type. More...

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Public Member Functions

 DDS_KeyedString ()
 DDS_KeyedString (int key_size, int size)
 Constructor that specifies the allocated sizes.
 ~DDS_KeyedString ()

Public Attributes

char * key
 Instance key associated with the specified value.
char * value
 String value.

Detailed Description

Keyed string built-in type.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DDS_KeyedString::DDS_KeyedString (  )  [inline]


The default constructor initializes the newly created object with NULL key and value.

DDS_KeyedString::DDS_KeyedString ( int  key_size,
int  size 
) [inline]

Constructor that specifies the allocated sizes.

The allocated strings are initialized to empty ("").

If a memory allocation failure occurs, and the DDS_KeyedString structure is allocated but one or both strings inside of it cannot be, the unallocated string will be NULL.

key_size <<in>> Size of the allocated key string (with NULL-terminated character).
size <<in>> Size of the allocated value string (with NULL-terminated character).
A new DDS_KeyedString or NULL if failure.

DDS_KeyedString::~DDS_KeyedString (  )  [inline]


Member Data Documentation

Instance key associated with the specified value.

String value.

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