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DDSDynamicDataWriter Class Reference

Writes (publishes) objects of type DDS_DynamicData. More...

Inheritance diagram for DDSDynamicDataWriter:
DDSDataWriter DDSDataWriter DDSDomainEntity DDSDomainEntity DDSEntity DDSEntity

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from DDSDataWriter
virtual DDS_ReturnCode_t get_liveliness_lost_status (DDS_LivelinessLostStatus &status)
 Accesses the DDS_LIVELINESS_LOST_STATUS communication status.
virtual DDS_ReturnCode_t get_offered_deadline_missed_status (DDS_OfferedDeadlineMissedStatus &status)
 Accesses the DDS_OFFERED_DEADLINE_MISSED_STATUS communication status.
virtual DDS_ReturnCode_t get_offered_incompatible_qos_status (DDS_OfferedIncompatibleQosStatus &status)
 Accesses the DDS_OFFERED_INCOMPATIBLE_QOS_STATUS communication status.
virtual DDS_ReturnCode_t get_publication_matched_status (DDS_PublicationMatchedStatus &status)
 Accesses the DDS_PUBLICATION_MATCHED_STATUS communication status.
virtual DDS_ReturnCode_t get_reliable_writer_cache_changed_status (DDS_ReliableWriterCacheChangedStatus &status)
 <<eXtension>> Get the reliable cache status for this writer.
virtual DDS_ReturnCode_t get_reliable_reader_activity_changed_status (DDS_ReliableReaderActivityChangedStatus &status)
 <<eXtension>> Get the reliable reader activity changed status for this writer.
virtual DDS_ReturnCode_t get_datawriter_cache_status (DDS_DataWriterCacheStatus &status)
 <<eXtension>> Get the datawriter cache status for this writer.
virtual DDS_ReturnCode_t get_datawriter_protocol_status (DDS_DataWriterProtocolStatus &status)
 <<eXtension>> Get the datawriter protocol status for this writer.
virtual DDS_ReturnCode_t get_matched_subscription_datawriter_protocol_status (DDS_DataWriterProtocolStatus &status, const DDS_InstanceHandle_t &subscription_handle)
 <<eXtension>> Get the datawriter protocol status for this writer, per matched subscription identified by the subscription_handle.
virtual DDS_ReturnCode_t get_matched_subscription_datawriter_protocol_status_by_locator (DDS_DataWriterProtocolStatus &status, const DDS_Locator_t &locator)
 <<eXtension>> Get the datawriter protocol status for this writer, per matched subscription identified by the locator.
virtual DDS_ReturnCode_t assert_liveliness ()
 This operation manually asserts the liveliness of this DDSDataWriter.
virtual DDS_ReturnCode_t get_matched_subscription_locators (DDS_LocatorSeq &locators)
 <<eXtension>> Retrieve the list of locators for subscriptions currently "associated" with this DDSDataWriter.
virtual DDS_ReturnCode_t get_matched_subscriptions (DDS_InstanceHandleSeq &subscription_handles)
 Retrieve the list of subscriptions currently "associated" with this DDSDataWriter.
virtual DDS_ReturnCode_t get_matched_subscription_data (DDS_SubscriptionBuiltinTopicData &subscription_data, const DDS_InstanceHandle_t &subscription_handle)
 This operation retrieves the information on a subscription that is currently "associated" with the DDSDataWriter.
virtual DDSTopicget_topic ()
 This operation returns the DDSTopic associated with the DDSDataWriter.
virtual DDSPublisherget_publisher ()
 This operation returns the DDSPublisher to which the DDSDataWriter belongs.
virtual DDS_ReturnCode_t wait_for_acknowledgments (const DDS_Duration_t &max_wait)
 Blocks the calling thread until all data written by reliable DDSDataWriter entity is acknowledged, or until timeout expires.
virtual DDS_ReturnCode_t wait_for_asynchronous_publishing (const DDS_Duration_t &max_wait)
 <<eXtension>> Blocks the calling thread until asynchronous sending is complete.
virtual DDS_ReturnCode_t set_qos (const DDS_DataWriterQos &qos)
 Sets the writer QoS.
virtual DDS_ReturnCode_t set_qos_with_profile (const char *library_name, const char *profile_name)
 <<eXtension>> Change the QoS of this writer using the input XML QoS profile.
virtual DDS_ReturnCode_t get_qos (DDS_DataWriterQos &qos)
 Gets the writer QoS.
virtual DDS_ReturnCode_t set_listener (DDSDataWriterListener *l, DDS_StatusMask mask=DDS_STATUS_MASK_ALL)
 Sets the writer listener.
virtual DDSDataWriterListenerget_listener ()
 Get the writer listener.
virtual DDS_ReturnCode_t flush ()
 <<eXtension>> Flushes the batch in progress in the context of the calling thread.
virtual DDS_ReturnCode_t enable ()
 Enables the DDSEntity.
virtual DDSStatusConditionget_statuscondition ()
 Allows access to the DDSStatusCondition associated with the DDSEntity.
virtual DDS_StatusMask get_status_changes ()
 Retrieves the list of communication statuses in the DDSEntity that are triggered.
virtual DDS_InstanceHandle_t get_instance_handle ()
 Allows access to the DDS_InstanceHandle_t associated with the DDSEntity.

Detailed Description

Writes (publishes) objects of type DDS_DynamicData.

Instantiates DDSDataWriter < DDS_DynamicData > .

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