RTI Connext Java API  Version 5.0.0

Infrastructure types for RTI Connext Messaging. More...


 RTI Connext Exceptions
 RTI Connext return-code exceptions.


interface  Sample< T >
 A data sample and related info received from the middleware. More...
interface  Sample< T >.Iterator< T >
 Provides access to a collection of middleware-loaned samples. More...
interface  SampleData< T >
 Sample base type that contains data and has an identity. More...
interface  WriteSample< T >
 A sample for writing data. More...

Detailed Description

Infrastructure types for RTI Connext Messaging.

This section describes the sample types used for reading and writing. These types encapsulate data and related information:

There are different operations that provide loaned samples from the middleware. They return a com.rti.connext.infrastructure.Sample<T>.Iterator<T>.

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