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DDS_FlowControllerProperty_t Struct Reference

Determines the flow control characteristics of the DDS_FlowController. More...

Data Fields

DDS_FlowControllerSchedulingPolicy scheduling_policy
 Scheduling policy.
 Settings for the token bucket.

Detailed Description

Determines the flow control characteristics of the DDS_FlowController.

The flow control characteristics shape the network traffic by determining how often and in what order associated asynchronous DDS_DataWriter instances are serviced and how much data they are allowed to send.

Note that these settings apply directly to the DDS_FlowController, and do not depend on the number of DDS_DataWriter instances the DDS_FlowController is servicing. For instance, the specified flow rate does not double simply because two DDS_DataWriter instances are waiting to write.

RxO = N/A

Changeable = NO for DDS_FlowControllerProperty_t::scheduling_policy, YES for DDS_FlowControllerProperty_t::token_bucket. However, the special value of DDS_DURATION_INFINITE as DDS_FlowControllerTokenBucketProperty_t::period is strictly used to create an on-demand DDS_FlowController. The token period cannot toggle from an infinite to finite value (or vice versa). It can, however, change from one finite value to another.

Field Documentation

DDS_FlowControllerSchedulingPolicy DDS_FlowControllerProperty_t::scheduling_policy

Scheduling policy.

Determines the scheduling policy for servicing the DDS_DataWriter instances associated with the DDS_FlowController.

[default] idref_FlowControllerSchedulingPolicy_EDF_FLOW_CONTROLLER_SCHED_POLICY

struct DDS_FlowControllerTokenBucketProperty_t DDS_FlowControllerProperty_t::token_bucket

Settings for the token bucket.

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