RTI Connext C API  Version 5.1.0
NDDS_Config_LoggerDevice Struct Reference

<<interface>> Logging device interface. Use for user-defined logging devices. More...

Data Fields

NDDS_Config_LoggerDeviceWriteFnc write
 Write a log message to a specified logging device.
NDDS_Config_LoggerDeviceCloseFnc close
 Close the logging device.

Detailed Description

<<interface>> Logging device interface. Use for user-defined logging devices.

Interface for handling log messages.

By default, the logger sends the log messages generated by RTI Connext to the standard output.

You can use the function NDDS_Config_Logger_set_output_file to redirect the log messages to a file.

To further customize the management of generated log messages, the logger offers the function NDDS_Config_Logger_set_output_device that allows you to install a user-defined logging device.

The logging device installed by the user must implement this interface.

Note: It is not safe to make any calls to the RTI Connext core library, including calls to DDS_DomainParticipant_get_current_time, from any of the logging device operations.

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