RTI Connext C++ API  Version 5.1.0

DDSTopic entity and associated elements More...


struct  DDS_InconsistentTopicStatus
struct  DDS_TopicQos
 QoS policies supported by a DDSTopic entity. More...
struct  DDS_ExpressionProperty
 Provides additional information about the filter expression passed to DDSWriterContentFilter::writer_compile. More...
struct  DDS_FilterSampleInfo
 Provides meta information associated with the sample. More...
class  DDSTopicDescription
 <<interface>> Base class for DDSTopic, DDSContentFilteredTopic, and DDSMultiTopic. More...
class  DDSContentFilteredTopic
 <<interface>> Specialization of DDSTopicDescription that allows for content-based subscriptions. More...
class  DDSMultiTopic
 [Not supported (optional)] <<interface>> A specialization of DDSTopicDescription that allows subscriptions that combine/filter/rearrange data coming from several topics. More...
class  DDSTopic
 <<interface>> The most basic description of the data to be published and subscribed. More...
class  DDSTopicListener
 <<interface>> DDSListener for DDSTopic entities. More...
class  DDSContentFilter
 <<interface>> Interface to be used by a custom filter of a DDSContentFilteredTopic More...
class  DDSWriterContentFilter
 <<interface>> Interface to be used by a custom filter of a DDSContentFilteredTopic. More...


DDS_Boolean DDS_TopicQos_equals (const struct DDS_TopicQos *self, const struct DDS_TopicQos *other)
 Compares two DDS_TopicQos for equality.

Detailed Description

DDSTopic entity and associated elements

Function Documentation

DDS_Boolean DDS_TopicQos_equals ( const struct DDS_TopicQos self,
const struct DDS_TopicQos other 

Compares two DDS_TopicQos for equality.

self<<in>> This TopicQos.
other<<in>> The other TopicQos to be compared with this TopicQos.
DDS_BOOLEAN_TRUE if the two Qos objects are equal or DDS_BOOLEAN_FALSE otherwise.

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