RTI Connext C++ API  Version 5.1.0
NDDSUtility Class Reference

Unsupported utility APIs. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static void sleep (const struct DDS_Duration_t &durationIn)
 Block the calling thread for the specified duration.

Detailed Description

Unsupported utility APIs.

Unsupported APIs used in example code.

The static methods supplied by this class are used by the example code distributed with RTI Connext and generated by nddsgen. These methods are not supported by RTI.

Member Function Documentation

static void NDDSUtility::sleep ( const struct DDS_Duration_t durationIn)

Block the calling thread for the specified duration.

Note that the achievable resolution of sleep is OS-dependent. That is, do not assume that you can sleep for 1 nanosecond just because you can specify a 1-nanosecond sleep duration via the API. The sleep resolution on most operating systems is usually 10 ms or greater.

durationIn<<in>> Sleep duration.
MT Safety:

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