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DDS_AllocationSettings_t Struct Reference

Resource allocation settings. More...

Public Attributes

DDS_Long initial_count
 The initial count of resources.
DDS_Long max_count
 The maximum count of resources.
DDS_Long incremental_count
 The incremental count of resources.

Detailed Description

Resource allocation settings.


Member Data Documentation

DDS_Long DDS_AllocationSettings_t::initial_count

The initial count of resources.

The initial resources to be allocated.

[default] It depends on the case.

[range] [0, 1 million], < max_count, (or = max_count only if increment_count == 0)

DDS_Long DDS_AllocationSettings_t::max_count

The maximum count of resources.

The maximum resources to be allocated.

[default] Depends on the case.

[range] [1, 1 million] or DDS_LENGTH_UNLIMITED, > initial_count (or = initial_count only if increment_count == 0)

DDS_Long DDS_AllocationSettings_t::incremental_count

The incremental count of resources.

The resource to be allocated when more resources are needed.

[default] Depends on the case.

[range] -1 (Double the amount of extra memory allocated each time memory is needed) or [1,1 million] (or = 0 only if initial_count == max_count)

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