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rti::core::policy::AcknowledgmentKind_def Struct Reference

<<extension>> The enumeration for Reliability acknowledgment kinds More...

#include <PolicyKind.hpp>

Public Types

enum  type {
 The underlying enum type. More...

Detailed Description

<<extension>> The enumeration for Reliability acknowledgment kinds

Member Enumeration Documentation

The underlying enum type.


Samples are acknowledged by RTPS protocol.

Samples are acknowledged according to the Real-Time Publish-Subscribe (RTPS) interoperability protocol.


Samples are acknowledged automatically after a subscribing application has accessed them.

The DataReader automatically acknowledges a sample after it has been taken and the loan returned.

See Also

Samples up to a specified sequence number are acknowledged.


Samples are acknowledged after the subscribing application explicitly calls acknowledge on the samples.

Samples received by a dds::sub::DataReader are explicitly acknowledged by the subscribing application, after it calls either dds::sub::DataReader::acknowledge_all or dds::sub::DataReader::acknowledge_sample.

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