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oCrti::flat::AbstractBuilderBase class of all Builders
oCDDS_AcknowledgmentInfoInformation about an application-level acknowledged sample
oCDDS_AckResponseData_tData payload of an application-level acknowledgment
oCDDS_AllocationSettings_tResource allocation settings
oCDDS_AsynchronousPublisherQosPolicyConfigures the mechanism that sends user data in an external middleware thread
oCDDS_AsyncWaitSetProperty_tSpecifies the DDSAsyncWaitSet behavior
oCDDS_AvailabilityQosPolicyConfigures the availability of data
oCDDS_BatchQosPolicyUsed to configure batching of multiple samples into a single network packet in order to increase throughput for small samples
oCDDS_BooleanSeqInstantiates FooSeq < DDS_Boolean >
oCDDS_BuiltinTopicKey_tThe key type of the built-in topic types
oCDDS_BuiltinTopicReaderResourceLimits_tBuilt-in topic reader's resource limits
oCDDS_ChannelSettings_tType used to configure the properties of a channel
oCDDS_ChannelSettingsSeqDeclares IDL sequence< DDS_ChannelSettings_t >
oCDDS_CharSeqInstantiates FooSeq < DDS_Char >
oCDDS_ContentFilterProperty_t<<extension>> Type used to provide all the required information to enable content filtering
oCDDS_Cookie_t<<extension>> Sequence of bytes
oCDDS_CookieSeqDeclares IDL sequence < DDS_Cookie_t >
oCDDS_DatabaseQosPolicyVarious threads and resource limits settings used by RTI Connext to control its internal database
oCDDS_DataReaderCacheStatus<<extension>> The status of the reader's cache
oCDDS_DataReaderProtocolQosPolicyAlong with DDS_WireProtocolQosPolicy and DDS_DataWriterProtocolQosPolicy, this QoS policy configures the DDS on-the-network protocol (RTPS)
oCDDS_DataReaderProtocolStatus<<extension>> The status of a reader's internal protocol related metrics, like the number of samples received, filtered, rejected; and status of wire protocol traffic
oCDDS_DataReaderQosQoS policies supported by a DDSDataReader entity
oCDDS_DataReaderResourceLimitsQosPolicyVarious settings that configure how a DDSDataReader allocates and uses physical memory for internal resources
oCDDS_DataRepresentationIdSeqDeclares IDL sequence < DDS_DataRepresentationId_t >
oCDDS_DataRepresentationQosPolicyThis QoS policy contains a list of representation identifiers used by DDSDataWriter and DDSDataReader entities to negotiate which data representation to use
oCDDS_DataTagsDefinition of DDS_DataTagQosPolicy
oCDDS_DataWriterCacheStatus<<extension>> The status of the writer's cache
oCDDS_DataWriterProtocolQosPolicyProtocol that applies only to DDSDataWriter instances
oCDDS_DataWriterProtocolStatus<<extension>> The status of a writer's internal protocol related metrics, like the number of samples pushed, pulled, filtered; and status of wire protocol traffic
oCDDS_DataWriterQosQoS policies supported by a DDSDataWriter entity
oCDDS_DataWriterResourceLimitsQosPolicyVarious settings that configure how a DDSDataWriter allocates and uses physical memory for internal resources
oCDDS_DataWriterShmemRefTransferModeSettingsSettings related to transferring data using shared memory references
oCDDS_DataWriterTransferModeQosPolicy<<extension>> Qos related to transferring data
oCDDS_DeadlineQosPolicyExpresses the maximum duration (deadline) within which an instance is expected to be updated
oCDDS_DestinationOrderQosPolicyControls how the middleware will deal with data sent by multiple DDSDataWriter entities for the same instance of data (i.e., same DDSTopic and key)
oCDDS_DiscoveryConfigQosPolicySettings for discovery configuration
oCDDS_DiscoveryQosPolicy<<extension>> Configures the mechanism used by the middleware to automatically discover and connect with new remote applications
oCDDS_DomainParticipantConfigParams_t<<extension>> Input paramaters for creating a participant from configuration. It allows to modify or override some of the properties of the entities defined in the configuration
oCDDS_DomainParticipantFactoryQosQoS policies supported by a DDSDomainParticipantFactory
oCDDS_DomainParticipantProtocolStatus<<extension>> The status of a participant's protocol related metrics, like the number of corrupted messages, change in corrupted messages and timestamp of the last corrupted message
oCDDS_DomainParticipantQosQoS policies supported by a DDSDomainParticipant entity
oCDDS_DomainParticipantResourceLimitsQosPolicyVarious settings that configure how a DDSDomainParticipant allocates and uses physical memory for internal resources, including the maximum sizes of various properties
oCDDS_DoubleSeqInstantiates FooSeq < DDS_Double >
oCDDS_DurabilityQosPolicyThis QoS policy specifies whether or not RTI Connext will store and deliver previously published data samples to new DDSDataReader entities that join the network later
oCDDS_DurabilityServiceQosPolicyVarious settings to configure the external RTI Persistence Service used by RTI Connext for DataWriters with a DDS_DurabilityQosPolicy setting of DDS_PERSISTENT_DURABILITY_QOS or DDS_TRANSIENT_DURABILITY_QOS
oCDDS_Duration_tType for duration representation
oCDDS_DynamicDataA sample of any complex data type, which can be inspected and manipulated reflectively
oCDDS_DynamicDataInfoA descriptor for a DDS_DynamicData object
oCDDS_DynamicDataMemberInfoA descriptor for a single member (i.e. field) of dynamically defined data type
oCDDS_DynamicDataProperty_tA collection of attributes used to configure DDS_DynamicData objects
oCDDS_DynamicDataSeqAn ordered collection of DDS_DynamicData elements
oCDDS_DynamicDataTypeProperty_tA collection of attributes used to configure DDSDynamicDataTypeSupport objects
oCDDS_DynamicDataTypeSerializationProperty_tProperties that govern how data of a certain type will be serialized on the network
oCDDS_EndpointGroup_tSpecifies a group of endpoints that can be collectively identified by a name and satisfied by a quorum
oCDDS_EndpointGroupSeqA sequence of DDS_EndpointGroup_t
oCDDS_EntityFactoryQosPolicyA QoS policy for all DDSEntity types that can act as factories for one or more other DDSEntity types
oCDDS_EntityNameQosPolicyAssigns a name and a role name to a DDSDomainParticipant, DDSPublisher, DDSSubscriber, DDSDataWriter or DDSDataReader. Except for DDSPublisher and DDSSubscriber, these names will be visible during the discovery process and in RTI tools to help you visualize and debug your system
oCDDS_EnumMemberA description of a member of an enumeration
oCDDS_EnumMemberSeqDefines a sequence of enumerator members
oCDDS_EventQosPolicySettings for event
oCDDS_ExclusiveAreaQosPolicyConfigures multi-thread concurrency and deadlock prevention capabilities
oCDDS_ExpressionPropertyProvides additional information about the filter expression passed to DDSWriterContentFilter::writer_compile
oCDDS_FilterSampleInfoProvides meta information associated with the sample
oCDDS_FloatSeqInstantiates FooSeq < DDS_Float >
oCDDS_FlowControllerProperty_tDetermines the flow control characteristics of the DDSFlowController
oCDDS_FlowControllerTokenBucketProperty_tDDSFlowController uses the popular token bucket approach for open loop network flow control. The flow control characteristics are determined by the token bucket properties
oCDDS_GroupDataQosPolicyAttaches a buffer of opaque data that is distributed by means of Built-in Topics during discovery
oCDDS_GUID_tType for GUID (Global Unique Identifier) representation
oCDDS_HistoryQosPolicySpecifies the behavior of RTI Connext in the case where the value of a sample changes (one or more times) before it can be successfully communicated to one or more existing subscribers
oCDDS_InstanceHandleSeqInstantiates FooSeq < DDS_InstanceHandle_t >
oCDDS_KeyedOctetsBuilt-in type consisting of a variable-length array of opaque bytes and a string that is the key
oCDDS_KeyedOctetsSeqInstantiates FooSeq < DDS_KeyedOctets >
oCDDS_KeyedStringKeyed string built-in type
oCDDS_KeyedStringSeqInstantiates FooSeq < DDS_KeyedString >
oCDDS_LatencyBudgetQosPolicyProvides a hint as to the maximum acceptable delay from the time the data is written to the time it is received by the subscribing applications
oCDDS_LifespanQosPolicySpecifies how long the data written by the DDSDataWriter is considered valid
oCDDS_LivelinessQosPolicySpecifies and configures the mechanism that allows DDSDataReader entities to detect when DDSDataWriter entities become disconnected or "dead."
oCDDS_Locator_t<<extension>> Type used to represent the addressing information needed to send a message to an RTPS Endpoint using one of the supported transports
oCDDS_LocatorFilter_tSpecifies the configuration of an individual channel within a MultiChannel DataWriter
oCDDS_LocatorFilterQosPolicyThe QoS policy used to report the configuration of a MultiChannel DataWriter as part of DDS_PublicationBuiltinTopicData
oCDDS_LocatorFilterSeqDeclares IDL sequence< DDS_LocatorFilter_t >
oCDDS_LocatorSeqDeclares IDL sequence < DDS_Locator_t >
oCDDS_LoggingQosPolicyConfigures the RTI Connext logging facility
oCDDS_LongDoubleSeqInstantiates FooSeq < DDS_LongDouble >
oCDDS_LongLongSeqInstantiates FooSeq < DDS_LongLong >
oCDDS_LongSeqInstantiates FooSeq < DDS_Long >
oCDDS_MultiChannelQosPolicyConfigures the ability of a DataWriter to send data on different multicast groups (addresses) based on the value of the data
oCDDS_OctetsBuilt-in type consisting of a variable-length array of opaque bytes
oCDDS_OctetSeqInstantiates FooSeq < DDS_Octet >
oCDDS_OctetsSeqInstantiates FooSeq < DDS_Octets >
oCDDS_OwnershipQosPolicySpecifies whether it is allowed for multiple DDSDataWriter (s) to write the same instance of the data and if so, how these modifications should be arbitrated
oCDDS_OwnershipStrengthQosPolicySpecifies the value of the strength used to arbitrate among multiple DDSDataWriter objects that attempt to modify the same instance of a data type (identified by DDSTopic + key)
oCDDS_ParticipantBuiltinTopicDataEntry created when a DomainParticipant object is discovered
oCDDS_ParticipantBuiltinTopicDataSeqInstantiates FooSeq < DDS_ParticipantBuiltinTopicData >
oCDDS_PartitionQosPolicySet of strings that introduces a logical partition among the topics visible by a DDSPublisher and a DDSSubscriber
oCDDS_PresentationQosPolicySpecifies how the samples representing changes to data instances are presented to a subscribing application
oCDDS_PrintFormatPropertyA collection of attributes used to configure how data samples will be formatted when converted to a string
oCDDS_ProductVersion_t<<extension>> Type used to represent the current version of RTI Connext
oCDDS_ProfileQosPolicyConfigures the way that XML documents containing QoS profiles are loaded by RTI Connext
oCDDS_Property_tProperties are name/value pairs objects
oCDDS_PropertyQosPolicyStores name/value(string) pairs that can be used to configure certain parameters of RTI Connext that are not exposed through formal QoS policies. Can also be used to store and propagate application-specific name/value pairs that can be retrieved by user code during discovery
oCDDS_PropertySeqDeclares IDL sequence < DDS_Property_t >
oCDDS_ProtocolVersion_t<<extension>> Type used to represent the version of the RTPS protocol
oCDDS_PublicationBuiltinTopicDataEntry created when a DDSDataWriter is discovered in association with its Publisher
oCDDS_PublicationBuiltinTopicDataSeqInstantiates FooSeq < DDS_PublicationBuiltinTopicData >
oCDDS_PublisherQosQoS policies supported by a DDSPublisher entity
oCDDS_PublishModeQosPolicySpecifies how RTI Connext sends application data on the network. This QoS policy can be used to tell RTI Connext to use its own thread to send data, instead of the user thread
oCDDS_QosPolicyCountType to hold a counter for a DDS_QosPolicyId_t
oCDDS_QosPolicyCountSeqDeclares IDL sequence < DDS_QosPolicyCount >
oCDDS_QueryConditionParams<<extension>> Input parameters for DDSDataReader::create_querycondition_w_params
oCDDS_ReadConditionParams<<extension>> Input parameters for DDSDataReader::create_readcondition_w_params
oCDDS_ReaderDataLifecycleQosPolicyControls how a DataReader manages the lifecycle of the data that it has received
oCDDS_ReceiverPoolQosPolicyConfigures threads used by RTI Connext to receive and process data from transports (for example, UDP sockets)
oCDDS_ReliabilityQosPolicyIndicates the level of reliability offered/requested by RTI Connext
oCDDS_ReliableReaderActivityChangedStatus<<extension>> Describes the activity (i.e. are acknowledgements forthcoming) of reliable readers matched to a reliable writer
oCDDS_ReliableWriterCacheChangedStatus<<extension>> A summary of the state of a data writer's cache of unacknowledged samples written
oCDDS_ReliableWriterCacheEventCount<<extension>> The number of times the number of unacknowledged samples in the cache of a reliable writer hit a certain well-defined threshold
oCDDS_ResourceLimitsQosPolicyControls the amount of physical memory allocated for DDS entities, if dynamic allocations are allowed, and how they occur. Also controls memory usage among different instance values for keyed topics
oCDDS_RTPS_EntityId_tFrom the DDS-RTPS specification: type used to hold the suffix part of the globally-unique RTPS-entity identifiers
oCDDS_RTPS_GUID_tFrom the DDS-RTPS specification: type used to hold a globally-unique RTPS-entity identifier
oCDDS_RtpsReliableReaderProtocol_tQos related to reliable reader protocol defined in RTPS
oCDDS_RtpsReliableWriterProtocol_tQoS related to the reliable writer protocol defined in RTPS
oCDDS_RtpsWellKnownPorts_tRTPS well-known port mapping configuration
oCDDS_SampleIdentity_tType definition for a Sample Identity
oCDDS_SampleInfoInformation that accompanies each sample that is read or taken
oCDDS_SampleInfoSeqDeclares IDL sequence < DDS_SampleInfo >
oCDDS_SequenceNumber_tType for sequence number representation
oCDDS_ServiceQosPolicyService associated with a DDS entity
oCDDS_ServiceRequestA request coming from one of the built-in services
oCDDS_ServiceRequestSeqInstantiates FooSeq < DDS_ServiceRequest >
oCDDS_ShortSeqInstantiates FooSeq < DDS_Short >
oCDDS_StringSeqInstantiates FooSeq < char* > with value type semantics
oCDDS_StructMemberA description of a member of a struct
oCDDS_StructMemberSeqDefines a sequence of struct members
oCDDS_SubscriberQosQoS policies supported by a DDSSubscriber entity
oCDDS_SubscriptionBuiltinTopicDataEntry created when a DDSDataReader is discovered in association with its Subscriber
oCDDS_SubscriptionBuiltinTopicDataSeqInstantiates FooSeq < DDS_SubscriptionBuiltinTopicData >
oCDDS_SystemResourceLimitsQosPolicy<<extension>> Configures DDSDomainParticipant-independent resources used by RTI Connext. Mainly used to change the maximum number of DDSDomainParticipant entities that can be created within a single process (address space)
oCDDS_TagTags are name/value pair objects
oCDDS_TagSeqDeclares IDL sequence < DDS_Tag >
oCDDS_ThreadSettings_tThe properties of a thread of execution
oCDDS_Time_tType for time representation
oCDDS_TimeBasedFilterQosPolicyFilter that allows a DDSDataReader to specify that it is interested only in (potentially) a subset of the values of the data
oCDDS_TopicBuiltinTopicDataEntry created when a Topic object discovered
oCDDS_TopicBuiltinTopicDataSeqInstantiates FooSeq < DDS_TopicBuiltinTopicData >
oCDDS_TopicDataQosPolicyAttaches a buffer of opaque data that is distributed by means of Built-in Topics during discovery
oCDDS_TopicQosQoS policies supported by a DDSTopic entity
oCDDS_TopicQueryData<<extension>> Provides information about a DDSTopicQuery
oCDDS_TopicQueryDispatchQosPolicyConfigures the ability of a DDSDataWriter to publish samples in response to a DDSTopicQuery
oCDDS_TopicQuerySelection<<extension>> Specifies the data query that defines a DDSTopicQuery
oCDDS_TransportBuiltinQosPolicySpecifies which built-in transports are used
oCDDS_TransportInfo_tContains the class_id and message_size_max of an installed transport
oCDDS_TransportInfoSeqInstantiates FooSeq < DDS_TransportInfo_t >
oCDDS_TransportMulticastMapping_tType representing a list of multicast mapping elements
oCDDS_TransportMulticastMappingFunction_tType representing an external mapping function
oCDDS_TransportMulticastMappingQosPolicySpecifies a list of topic_expressions and multicast addresses that can be used by an Entity with a specific topic name to receive data
oCDDS_TransportMulticastMappingSeqDeclares IDL sequence< DDS_TransportMulticastMapping_t >
oCDDS_TransportMulticastQosPolicySpecifies the multicast address on which a DDSDataReader wants to receive its data. It can also specify a port number as well as a subset of the available (at the DDSDomainParticipant level) transports with which to receive the multicast data
oCDDS_TransportMulticastSettings_tType representing a list of multicast locators
oCDDS_TransportMulticastSettingsSeqDeclares IDL sequence< DDS_TransportMulticastSettings_t >
oCDDS_TransportPriorityQosPolicyThis QoS policy allows the application to take advantage of transports that are capable of sending messages with different priorities
oCDDS_TransportSelectionQosPolicySpecifies the physical transports a DDSDataWriter or DDSDataReader may use to send or receive data
oCDDS_TransportUnicastQosPolicySpecifies a subset of transports and a port number that can be used by an Entity to receive data
oCDDS_TransportUnicastSettings_tType representing a list of unicast locators
oCDDS_TransportUnicastSettingsSeqDeclares IDL sequence< DDS_TransportUnicastSettings_t >
oCDDS_TypeAllocationParams_tConfigures whether or not to allocate pointer and optional members
oCDDS_TypeCodeThe definition of a particular data type, which you can use to inspect the name, members, and other properties of types generated with rtiddsgen or to modify types you define yourself at runtime
oCDDS_TypeCodeFactoryA singleton factory for creating, copying, and deleting data type definitions dynamically
oCDDS_TypeConsistencyEnforcementQosPolicyDefines the rules for determining whether the type used to publish a given topic is consistent with that used to subscribe to it
oCDDS_TypeDeallocationParams_tConfigures whether to release or not pointer and optional members
oCDDS_TypeSupportQosPolicyAllows you to attach application-specific values to a DDSDataWriter or DDSDataReader, which are passed to the serialization or deserialization routine of the associated data type and choose whether to set padding bytes to zero during serialization
oCDDS_UnionMemberA description of a member of a union
oCDDS_UnionMemberSeqDefines a sequence of union members
oCDDS_UnsignedLongLongSeqInstantiates FooSeq < DDS_UnsignedLongLong >
oCDDS_UnsignedLongSeqInstantiates FooSeq < DDS_UnsignedLong >
oCDDS_UnsignedShortSeqInstantiates FooSeq < DDS_UnsignedShort >
oCDDS_UserDataQosPolicyAttaches a buffer of opaque data that is distributed by means of Built-in Topics during discovery
oCDDS_ValueMemberA description of a member of a value type
oCDDS_ValueMemberSeqDefines a sequence of value members
oCDDS_VendorId_t<<extension>> Type used to represent the vendor of the service implementing the RTPS protocol
oCDDS_WaitSetProperty_t<<extension>> Specifies the DDSWaitSet behavior for multiple trigger events
oCDDS_WcharSeqInstantiates FooSeq < DDS_Wchar >
oCDDS_WireProtocolQosPolicySpecifies the wire-protocol-related attributes for the DDSDomainParticipant
oCDDS_WriteParams_t<<extension>> Input parameters for writing with FooDataWriter::write_w_params, FooDataWriter::dispose_w_params, FooDataWriter::register_instance_w_params, FooDataWriter::unregister_instance_w_params
oCDDS_WriterDataLifecycleQosPolicyControls how a DDSDataWriter handles the lifecycle of the instances (keys) that it is registered to manage
oCDDS_WstringSeqInstantiates FooSeq < DDS_Wchar* >
oCDDSAsyncWaitSet<<interface>> A class for dispatching DDSCondition objects using separate threads of execution. You can see this class as an extension of a DDSWaitSet that allows asynchronously waiting for the attached DDSCondition objects to trigger and provide a notification by calling DDSCondition::dispatch
oCDDSAsyncWaitSetCompletionToken<<interface>> Implementation of the completion token role element of the asynchronous completion token pattern that is part of the DDSAsyncWaitSet behavior
oCDDSAsyncWaitSetListener<<interface>> Listener for receiving event notifications related to the thread pool of the DDSAsyncWaitSet
oCDDSCondition<<interface>> Root class for all the conditions that may be attached to a DDSWaitSet
oCDDSConditionHandler<<experimental>> <<extension>> <<interface>> Handler called by the DDSCondition::dispatch
oCDDSConditionSeqInstantiates FooSeq < DDSCondition >
oCDDSContentFilter<<interface>> Interface to be used by a custom filter of a DDSContentFilteredTopic
oCDDSDataReaderSeqDeclares IDL sequence < DDSDataReader >
oCDDSDataTagQosPolicyHelperPolicy helpers that facilitate management of the data tags in the input policy
oCDDSDomainParticipantFactory<<singleton>> <<interface>> Allows creation and destruction of DDSDomainParticipant objects
oCDDSEntity<<interface>> Abstract base class for all the DDS objects that support QoS policies, a listener, and a status condition
oCDDSFlowController<<interface>> A flow controller is the object responsible for shaping the network traffic by determining when attached asynchronous DDSDataWriter instances are allowed to write data
oCDDSListener<<interface>> Abstract base class for all Listener interfaces
oCDDSParticipantBuiltinTopicDataTypeSupportInstantiates TypeSupport < DDS_ParticipantBuiltinTopicData >
oCDDSPropertyQosPolicyHelperPolicy helpers that facilitate management of the properties in the input policy
oCDDSPublicationBuiltinTopicDataTypeSupportInstantiates TypeSupport < DDS_PublicationBuiltinTopicData >
oCDDSPublisherSeqDeclares IDL sequence < DDSPublisher >
oCDDSServiceRequestTypeSupportInstantiates TypeSupport < DDS_ServiceRequest >
oCDDSSubscriberSeqDeclares IDL sequence < DDSSubscriber >
oCDDSSubscriptionBuiltinTopicDataTypeSupportInstantiates TypeSupport < DDS_SubscriptionBuiltinTopicData >
oCDDSThreadFactory<<extension>> <<interface>> Interface for providing the threads needed by the middleware
oCDDSTopicBuiltinTopicDataTypeSupportInstantiates TypeSupport < DDS_TopicBuiltinTopicData >
oCDDSTopicDescription<<interface>> Base class for DDSTopic, DDSContentFilteredTopic, and DDSMultiTopic
oCDDSTopicQuery<<extension>> Allows a DDSDataReader to query the sample cache of its matching DDSDataWriter
oCDDSTopicQueryHelperHelpers to provide utility operations related to DDSTopicQuery
oCDDSTypeSupport<<interface>> An abstract marker interface that has to be specialized for each concrete user data type that will be used by the application
oCDDSWaitSet<<interface>> Allows an application to wait until one or more of the attached DDSCondition objects has a trigger_value of DDS_BOOLEAN_TRUE or else until the timeout expires
oCflat_type_traits< T >Given a Sample, an Offset or a Builder, it allows obtaining the other types
oCFooA representative user-defined data type
oCFooSeq<<interface>> <<generic>> A type-safe, ordered collection of elements. The type of these elements is referred to in this documentation as Foo
oCconnext::IsInvalidSamplePredicate< T >Predicate-class to determine if a sample contains invalid data
oCconnext::IsReplyRelatedPredicate< T >Predicate-class to match replies by their related request
oCconnext::IsValidSamplePredicate< T >Predicate-class to determine if a sample contains valid data
oCconnext::LoanedSamples< T >Provides access to a collection of middleware-loaned samples
oCconnext::LoanedSamples< T >::LoanMementoA simple value-type for the internal representation of the a LoanedSamples object
oCconnext::LogicExceptionBase class of all RTI Connext exceptions caused by a logic error
oCconnext::MessagingLibraryVersionThe Connext Messaging Library version
oCconnext::MessagingVersionThe Connext Messaging version
oCNDDS_Config_LibraryVersion_tThe version of a single library shipped as part of an RTI Connext distribution
oCNDDS_Config_LogMessageLog message
oCNDDS_Transport_Address_tAddresses are stored individually as network-ordered bytes
oCNDDS_Transport_Property_tBase structure that must be inherited by derived Transport Plugin classes
oCNDDS_Transport_Shmem_Property_tSubclass of NDDS_Transport_Property_t allowing specification of parameters that are specific to the shared-memory transport
oCNDDS_Transport_UDPv4_Property_tConfigurable IPv4/UDP Transport-Plugin properties
oCNDDS_Transport_UDPv6_Property_tConfigurable IPv6/UDP Transport-Plugin properties
oCNDDSConfigLogger<<interface>> The singleton type used to configure RTI Connext logging
oCNDDSConfigLoggerDevice<<interface>> Logging device interface. Use for user-defined logging devices
oCNDDSConfigVersion<<interface>> The version of an RTI Connext distribution
oCNDDSTransportSupport<<interface>> The utility class used to configure RTI Connext pluggable transports
oCNDDSUtilityUnsupported utility APIs
oCrti::flat::OffsetBaseBase class of all Offset types
oCconnext::Replier< TReq, TRep >Allows receiving requests and sending replies
oCconnext::ReplierListener< TReq, TRep >Called when a connext::Replier has new available requests
oCconnext::ReplierParams< TReq, TRep >Contains the parameters for creating a connext::Replier
oCconnext::Requester< TReq, TRep >Allows sending requests and receiving replies
oCconnext::RequesterParamsContains the parameters for creating a connext::Requester
oCconnext::RuntimeExceptionGeneric, unspecified error
oCrti::flat::Sample< OffsetType >The generic definition of FlatData topic-types
oCconnext::Sample< T >A data sample and related info received from the middleware
oCconnext::SampleIterator< T, IsConst >STL-compliant random-access iterator for SampleRef<T>
oCconnext::SampleRef< T >A data sample and related information received from the middleware
oCrti::flat::SequenceIterator< E, OffsetKind >Iterator for collections of Offsets
oCconnext::SimpleReplier< TReq, TRep >A callback-based replier
oCconnext::SimpleReplierListener< TReq, TRep >The listener called by a SimpleReplier
oCconnext::SimpleReplierParams< TReq, TRep >Contains the parameters for creating a connext::SimpleReplier
oCTransportAllocationSettings_tAllocation settings used by various internal buffers
oCconnext::WriteSample< T >A sample for writing data
\Cconnext::WriteSampleRef< T >A reference to a data sample for writing

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