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Qos Provider Use Cases

How to use the QosProvider class to access XML QoS profiles. More...

How to use the QosProvider class to access XML QoS profiles.

Managing Qos Profiles

The QosProvider class provides a way for a user to control and access the XML QoS profiles that are loaded by RTI Connext. A QosProvider is created with a URI that identifies a file location containing QoS profiles, a string representation of the QoS profiles that you want the QosProvider to load, or a URL group that has a combination of files and strings from which to load profiles. For more information on the correct format of these URIs and URL groups, please see section 17.11 URL Groups in the RTI_CoreLibrariesAndUtilities_Users_Manual.pdf. More information about QoS Profiles can be found in section 17.9 QoS Profiles, also in the User's Manual.

A QosProvider can also load type definitions.

The following #includes are needed for the examples on this page

#include <dds/dds.hpp>
#include "Foo.hpp"

The Default Qos Provider

The default QoS values that are used to create an entity are determined by which QoS profiles have been loaded at the time of that entity's creation and which of these profiles has been marked as the default profile. RTI Connext will automatically load XML Qos profiles from a number of locations (see section 17.2 How to Load XML-Specified QoS Setting in the RTI_CoreLibrariesAndUtilities_Users_Manual.pdf). Marking a profile as the default profile to use during entity creation can be done with an is_default_qos tag in the XML profile or by setting the default profile of the default QosProvider in code.

The default QosProvider is a singleton that can be used to access and control the Qos XML profiles that will be used when creating entities without explicitly providing a Qos object with which to construct the entity. Changing the QosProviderParams of the default QosProvider will affect all future entity creation with default Qos values.

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