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oDocumentation Roadmap
oNamespaces and headers
oRTI Connext DDS API ReferenceRTI Connext modules following the DDS module definitions
|oDomain ModuleContains the dds::domain::DomainParticipant class that acts as an entrypoint of RTI Connext and acts as a factory for many of the classes. The dds::domain::DomainParticipant also acts as a container for the other objects that make up RTI Connext
||oDomainParticipantsDds::domain::DomainParticipant entity and associated elements
||\Built-in TopicsBuilt-in objects created by RTI Connext but accessible to the application
|oTopic ModuleContains the dds::topic::Topic, dds::topic::ContentFilteredTopic, and MultiTopic classes, the TopicListener interface, and more generally, all that is needed by an application to define dds::topic::Topic objects and attach QoS policies to them
||oTopicsDds::topic::Topic entity and associated elements
||oZero Copy Transfer Over Shared Memory<<extension>> Zero Copy transfer over shared memory
||oBuilt-in TypesRTI Connext provides a set of very simple data types for you to use with the topics in your application
||oFlatData Topic-Types<<extension>> FlatData Language Binding for IDL topic-types
||oDynamicType and DynamicDataDescribes dds::core::xtypes::DynamicType, dds::core::xtypes::DynamicData and related types and functions
||oTopic traits and data-type supportTraits and operations associated to topic-types
||\Custom Content FiltersClasses and associated types used to implement custom content filters
|oPublication ModuleContains the rti::pub::FlowController, dds::pub::Publisher, and dds::pub::DataWriter classes as well as the PublisherListener and dds::pub::DataWriterListener interfaces, and more generally, all that is needed on the publication side
||oPublishersDds::pub::Publisher entity and associated elements
||oData WritersDds::pub::DataWriter entity and associated elements
||oFlow Controllers<<extension>> rti::pub::FlowController and associated elements
||\Multi-channel DataWritersAPIs related to Multi-channel DataWriters
|oSubscription ModuleContains the dds::sub::Subscriber, dds::sub::DataReader, dds::sub::cond::ReadCondition, dds::sub::cond::QueryCondition, and rti::sub::TopicQuery classes, as well as the dds::sub::SubscriberListener and dds::sub::DataReaderListener interfaces, and more generally, all that is needed on the subscription side
||oSubscribersDds::sub::Subscriber entity and associated elements
||oDataReadersDds::sub::DataReader entity and associated elements
||\Data SamplesDds::sub::SampleInfo, dds::sub::status::SampleState, dds::sub::status::ViewState, dds::sub::status::InstanceState and associated elements
|oInfrastructure ModuleDefines the abstract classes and the interfaces that are refined by the other modules. Contains common definitions such as return codes, status values, and QoS policies
||oClock SelectionAPIs related to clock selection
||oConditions and WaitSetsDds::core::cond::Condition and dds::core::cond::WaitSet
||oTime SupportTime and duration types
||oSafe EnumerationDescribes the safe_enum class
||oStatus KindsKinds of communication status
||oSupporting Types and ConstantsMiscellaneous, general-purpose types and constants
||oBuiltin Qos Profiles<<extension>> QoS libraries and profiles that are automatically built into RTI Connext
||\QoS PoliciesQuality of Service (QoS) policies
|oPluggable TransportsAPIs related to RTI Connext pluggable transports
||oUsing Transport PluginsConfiguring transports used by RTI Connext
||oBuilt-in Transport PluginsTransport plugins delivered with RTI Connext
||oPort4-byte number used by RTI Connext to distinguish between receivers of messages on the same interface (address)
||oClass IdTransport class ID. Specifies the ID of a Transport-Plugin 'class'
||oAddressTransport-independent addressing scheme using IPv6 presentation strings and numerically stored in network-ordered format
||\AttributesBase "class" of the properties of any Transport Plugin
|oQueries and Filters Syntax
|oConfiguration UtilitiesUtility API's independent of the DDS standard
|oUnsupported UtilitiesUnsupported APIs used by examples in the RTI Connext distribution as well as in rtiddsgen-generated examples
|oDurability and PersistenceAPIs related to RTI Connext Durability and Persistence
|oSystem PropertiesSystem Properties
|oConfiguring QoS Profiles with XMLAPIs related to XML QoS Profiles
|\RTI Connext Messaging API ReferenceExtensions to the RTI Connext publish-subscribe functionality
| oRequest-Reply PatternSupport for the request-reply communication pattern
| oQueuing PatternSupport for the queuing communication pattern
| \UtilitiesUtilities for the RTI Connext Messaging module
oProgramming How-To'sThese "How To"s illustrate how to apply RTI Connext APIs to common use cases
|oPublication ExampleA data publication example
|oSubscription ExampleA data subscription example
|oParticipant Use CasesWorking with domain participants
|oTopic Use Cases
|oPublisher Use Cases
|oDataWriter Use Cases
|oSubscriber Use Cases
|oDataReader Use Cases
|oEntity Use Cases
|oWaitset Use CasesUsing WaitSets and Conditions
|oFilter Use CasesWorking with data filters
|oCreating Custom Content FiltersCreating a custom content filter
|oXML Application CreationCreating a custom content filter
|oRequest-Reply ExamplesExamples on how to use the request-reply API
|oBuilt-in Types ExamplesUsing Built-in Types
|oExceptionsHow DDS return codes map to C++ exceptions
|oQos Use Cases
|oQos Provider Use CasesHow to use the QosProvider class to access XML QoS profiles
|oWorking with IDL typesHow IDL types map to C++ classes
|\DynamicType and DynamicData Use CasesUsing DynamicType and DynamicData
oProgramming Tools
|ortiddsgenGenerates source code from data types declared in IDL, XML, or XSD files
|ortiddspingSends or receives simple messages using RTI Connext
|\rtiddsspyDebugging tool which receives all RTI Connext communication
oNDDSCustomFilterExampleModuleWorking with custom content filters
oDDSEntityExampleModuleWorking with entities
oLargeDataExampleModuleWorking with large data types
\NDDSTransportExampleModuleWorking with pluggable transports

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