RTI transport  Version 1.2af [build 00]
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Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
oCNDDS_Transport_Address_tAddresses are stored individually as network-ordered bytes
oCNDDS_Transport_Intra_Property_tSubclass of NDDS_Transport_Property_t allowing specification of parameters that are specific to the intra transport
oCNDDS_Transport_ListenerStructure to hold callback functions that are invoked by a Transport-Plugin instance to notify that a dynamic change in the state of the Transport Plugin has occured
oCNDDS_Transport_Message_tStructure used to store a message received from a Transport Plugin
oCNDDS_Transport_PluginImplBase "class" for a Transport Plugin implementation
oCNDDS_Transport_TraceThe NDDS Trace Transport Plugin Implementation
\CTransportAllocationSettings_tAllocation settings used by various internal buffers

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