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Conditions and WaitSets

dds::core::cond::Condition and dds::core::cond::WaitSet. More...


 <<experimental>> <<extension>> A specialization of dds::core::cond::WaitSet that provides a mechanism to perform the wait asynchronously and uses a thread pool to dispatch the attached active dds::core::cond::Condition.


class  dds::core::cond::Condition
 <<reference-type>> Abstract base class of all the conditions More...
class  dds::core::cond::GuardCondition
 <<reference-type>> A condition whose trigger value is under the control of the application. More...
class  dds::core::cond::StatusCondition
 <<reference-type>> A condition associated with each dds::core::Entity More...
class  dds::core::cond::WaitSet
 <<reference-type>> Allows an application to wait until one or more of the attached Condition objects have a trigger_value of true or else until the timeout expires. More...
class  rti::core::cond::WaitSetProperty
 <<extension>> <<value-type>> Specifies the dds::core::cond::WaitSet behavior for multiple trigger events More...

Detailed Description

dds::core::cond::Condition and dds::core::cond::WaitSet.

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