RTI Connext Modern C++ API  Version 6.1.0
rti::topic::topic_type_disabled_copy< TopicType > Struct Template Reference

<<extension>> Indicates whether a TopicType is uncopyable More...

#include <rti/topic/TopicTraits.hpp>

Inherits false_type.

Detailed Description

template<typename TopicType>
struct rti::topic::topic_type_disabled_copy< TopicType >

<<extension>> Indicates whether a TopicType is uncopyable

In general this is false_type (TopicType is a value types and therefore copyable), There is one situation when this is true_type:

  • IDL types annotated with @language_binding(FLAT_DATA)

This trait enables (when it's false_type) or disables (when it's true_type) the DataReader read/take operations that copy instead of loaning the data (for example, dds::sub::DataReader::take(SamplesFWIterator, int32_t))