RTI Connext Traditional C++ API  Version 6.1.1

<<interface>> A specific DDSCondition whose trigger_value is completely under the control of the application. More...

Inheritance diagram for DDSGuardCondition:

Public Member Functions

virtual DDS_Boolean get_trigger_value ()
 Retrieve the trigger_value. More...
virtual DDS_ReturnCode_t set_trigger_value (DDS_Boolean value)
 Set the guard condition trigger value. More...
 DDSGuardCondition ()
 No argument constructor. More...
virtual ~DDSGuardCondition ()
 Destructor. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from DDSCondition
virtual DDS_ReturnCode_t set_handler (DDSConditionHandler *handler)
 <<extension>> Registers a DDSConditionHandler in this DDSCondition. More...
virtual DDSConditionHandlerget_handler ()
 <<extension>> Returns the registered DDSConditionHandler. More...
virtual void dispatch ()
 <<extension>> Calls DDSConditionHandler::on_condition_triggered of the registered DDSConditionHandler. More...

Detailed Description

<<interface>> A specific DDSCondition whose trigger_value is completely under the control of the application.

The DDSGuardCondition provides a way for an application to manually wake up a DDSWaitSet. This is accomplished by attaching the DDSGuardCondition to the DDSWaitSet and then setting the trigger_value by means of the DDSGuardCondition::set_trigger_value operation.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DDSGuardCondition()

DDSGuardCondition::DDSGuardCondition ( )

No argument constructor.

The default constructor initializes the guard condition with trigger value DDS_BOOLEAN_FALSE

◆ ~DDSGuardCondition()

virtual DDSGuardCondition::~DDSGuardCondition ( )


Releases the resources associated with this object.

Deleting a NULL condition is safe and has no effect.

Member Function Documentation

◆ get_trigger_value()

virtual DDS_Boolean DDSGuardCondition::get_trigger_value ( )

Retrieve the trigger_value.

the trigger value.

Implements DDSCondition.

◆ set_trigger_value()

virtual DDS_ReturnCode_t DDSGuardCondition::set_trigger_value ( DDS_Boolean  value)

Set the guard condition trigger value.

value<<in>> the new trigger value.