RTI Connext Modern C++ API  Version 6.1.2
dds::core::xtypes::EnumMember Class Reference

<<value-type>> Represents a EnumType member More...

#include "dds/core/xtypes/MemberType.hpp"

Public Member Functions

 EnumMember (const std::string &name, int32_t ordinal)
const dds::core::stringname () const
 Gets the name. More...
dds::core::stringname ()
 Gets the member name. More...
EnumMembername (const dds::core::string &value)
 Sets the name. More...
int32_t ordinal () const
 Gets the ordinal. More...
EnumMemberordinal (int32_t the_ordinal)
 Sets the ordinal. More...

Detailed Description

<<value-type>> Represents a EnumType member

Encapsulates the name and value (ordinal) of an IDL enum type

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ EnumMember()

dds::core::xtypes::EnumMember::EnumMember ( const std::string &  name,
int32_t  ordinal 

Creates a EnumMember with a name and value (ordinal)

Member Function Documentation

◆ name() [1/3]

const dds::core::string& dds::core::xtypes::EnumMember::name ( ) const

Gets the name.

◆ name() [2/3]

dds::core::string& dds::core::xtypes::EnumMember::name ( )

Gets the member name.

◆ name() [3/3]

EnumMember& dds::core::xtypes::EnumMember::name ( const dds::core::string value)

Sets the name.

◆ ordinal() [1/2]

int32_t dds::core::xtypes::EnumMember::ordinal ( ) const

Gets the ordinal.

◆ ordinal() [2/2]

EnumMember& dds::core::xtypes::EnumMember::ordinal ( int32_t  the_ordinal)

Sets the ordinal.