RTI Connext Modern C++ API  Version 6.1.2
rti::sub::TopicQueryData Class Reference

<<extension>> <<value-type>> Provides information about a TopicQuery More...

#include <rti/sub/TopicQuery.hpp>

Inherits rti::core::NativeValueType< T, NATIVE_T, ADAPTER >.

Public Member Functions

TopicQuerySelection selection () const
 The data selection. More...
const dds::core::stringtopic_name () const
 The topic name of the dds::sub::DataReader. More...
const rti::core::Guidoriginal_related_reader_guid () const
 Identifies the dds::sub::DataReader that created the rti::sub::TopicQuery. More...

Related Functions

(Note that these are not member functions.)

TopicQueryData create_topic_query_data_from_service_request (const rti::topic::ServiceRequest &service_request)
 Creates a TopicQueryData from a ServiceRequest. More...

Detailed Description

Member Function Documentation

◆ selection()

TopicQuerySelection rti::sub::TopicQueryData::selection ( ) const

The data selection.

◆ topic_name()

const dds::core::string& rti::sub::TopicQueryData::topic_name ( ) const

The topic name of the dds::sub::DataReader.

◆ original_related_reader_guid()

const rti::core::Guid& rti::sub::TopicQueryData::original_related_reader_guid ( ) const

Identifies the dds::sub::DataReader that created the rti::sub::TopicQuery.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ create_topic_query_data_from_service_request()

TopicQueryData create_topic_query_data_from_service_request ( const rti::topic::ServiceRequest service_request)

Creates a TopicQueryData from a ServiceRequest.

This operation will extract the content from the request body of the rti::topic::ServiceRequest to create a rti::sub::TopicQueryData object.

The specified rti::topic::ServiceRequest must be a valid sample associated with the service id rti::core::ServiceRequestId_def::TOPIC_QUERY. Otherwise this operation will return false.

This operation can be called within the context of a dds::pub::DataWriterListener::on_service_request_accepted to retrieve the rti::sub::TopicQueryData of a rti::topic::ServiceRequest that has been received with service id rti::core::ServiceRequestId_def::TOPIC_QUERY

service_requestThe rti::topic::ServiceRequest that contains the rti::sub::TopicQueryData as part of its request body.
A rti::sub::TopicQueryData object where the content from the service request is extracted.